World Vegetarian Day Community Potluck

We celebrated World Vegetarian Day with a community potluck!  Many of our fellow FRoasters brought in a vegan dish today to share with everyone!  We are a community with so many different people from all over the world, and if you have read our blogs in the past, then you may have heard us say this before!

We got such a great response to this event, we wanted to share some pictures of the day with you!

Field Day 2016 Shenanigans!

Our Field Day 2016 was our biggest yet!  Over 100 people gathered in the morning at our facility in Seattle to get a team shirt and load onto one of three school buses headed for a local park to play for the day.

We have this day for our community.  We want to know each other outside of our smocks and from behind our computers.  It’s such a great way to connect and support each other in a team environment that doesn’t involve making food!

By giving this space, our intention is to create an opportunity to know something more that you did at the beginning of the day…about a person, about another Field Roast department, about a culture.  Sharing food together and a little friendly competition is not only downright fun, but helps to foster grace and harmony in our workplace.

Enjoy the photo album below to share in our day!


Meet our Director of Human Services, Susie Cantor!

FoodMaker - Social MediaWritten by Susie Cantor

I’ve heard that working on a production line was hard work. Believe me, I’m no stranger to hard work having been in the hospitality industry for decades, a single mom and owning my own restaurant — but I really had no idea what hard work meant, until, I worked with the amazing warriors of Field Roast producing all the delicious grain meat Sausages, FieldBurgers, Deli Slices and Frankfurters.

I got to spend a day and work with folks in every area of production: in the Mix Room (mixing all the fresh ingredients together), the Label Room (carefully labeling and packaging every product), the Warehouse (receiving all the raw ingredients, storing the cooked products and shipping finished products around the world), with the Sanitation Team (keeping all of our equipment sparkling clean) and with the Quality Assurance Team (ensuring that every product we make and ship is absolutely safe and delicious).

And not only is it a very “on purpose” work environment with great care taken every single step along the way, but it’s done with great teamwork and respect for each other. This is no easy task given that there is a veritable United Nations working here at Field Roast, representing over a dozen countries from across the globe from Vietnam, to the Congo, to Burma, to Guatemala, to Fiji, to Iran, to Iraq, to Morocco, to Kenya, to Somalia, to Ethiopia, to China, to the Philippines and many countries in between!!

I have the honor of being the new kid on the team as the Director of Human Services accountable for staff happiness and customer loyalty. I can tell you that the energies of love and respect that I’ve encountered working side by side with these fine people, no doubt impacts every bite of our Field Roast products in the best possible way. And it’s also an inspiring tiny glimpse of what’s possible for the future of humanity in our ever shrinking world.


Food Makers Guide to the Veg Grill

Weekend plans include iron and fire?  We love Field Roast on a grill and fired ours up the other day in our parking lot!  It was a grey day in Seattle, but that is certainly no reason to be deterred!  We served up all these on buns with some fresh veggies.  Chips on the side, and the break room full of FR folks was happy!

Here is our starter level tips list:

  1. Heat the grill up before you load it up.  You’ll get a nice sear on the surface and the caramelized crispy bits taste awesome.
  2. Use a grill basket or foil to cook veggies or smaller items like onions or potatoes.
  3. Don’t mention your BBQ will be vegan, and see what happens.  Serve up kabobs, grilled fruit like watermelon, peaches and pineapple, and don’t forget Field Roast FieldBurgers with Chao Slices, Sausages, and Frankfurters.
  4. Use a steam tray for the Frankfurters if you are going to have them on the grill for a while, then hit them on the grill to order.  They will be plump, juicy, and delicious.
  5. Keep the condiments simple.  Food bar style condiments are fun, but a lot of work.  If you really want a ton of toppings, consider a BBQ topping potluck so your guests can have fun sharing their favorite condiments!

So now it’s your turn.  We want to hear from you!!  What are your hacks and favorite grill tips?  If you come up with something that knocks our socks off, we will send you a prize pack for you to have another BBQ!

Post your Memorial Day grill on Instagram or Facebook with your tip, tag us @fieldroast and #vegangrills and enter to win a fantastic Field Roast grilling kit!  It will arrive just in time for your Independence Day shenanigans.  Have a great holiday weekend!

Is Field Roast at your favorite sports stadium?

All American Vegetarian Logo-01


The number of Major League Baseball Fields and Football Stadiums selling Field Roast products is growing! Enjoy a FieldBurger or Frankfurter at your next game. We entered our first MLB stadium, Safeco Field, in 2011 and continue to spread each year. Find Field Roast at a stadium below, make your own game day food, or visit Veggie Happy for more vegan options in sports venues.

Safeco Field: Seattle, WA

Seattle Mariners

Petco Park: San Diego, CA

San Diego Padres

Chase Field: Phoenix, AZ

Arizona Diamondbacks

O. Co Coliseum: Oakland CA

Oakland Athletics

Progressive Field: Cleveland, OH

Cleveland Indains

Target Field: Minneapolis, MN

Minnesota Twins

Comerica Park, Detroit, MI

Detroit Tigers

Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg, FL

Tampa Bay Rays

AT&T ParkSan Francisco, CA

San Francisco Giants

Durham Bulls Athletic Park: Durham, NC

Durham Bulls

Providence Park: Portland, OR

Portland Timbers

Camden Yards: Baltimore, MD

Baltimore Orioles

CenturyLink Field: Seattle, WA

Seattle Seahawks & Seattle Sounders

Qualcomm Stadium: San Diego, CA

Sand Diego Chargers

Sun Life Stadium: Miami, FL

Miami Dolphins

Lucas Oil Stadium: Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis Colts

Superdome: New Orleans, LA

New Orleans Saints

Levi’s Stadium: Santa Clara, CA

San Francisco 49ers 

Sports Authority Field at Mile High: Denver, CO

Denver Broncos


Field Roast-Burger KO all (Small)

FRANK CROPEnjoying Field Roast at a game? Share a photo with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!