Comforting dishes for winter!


In the Northern Hemisphere, we are having one of the colder winters we can remember.  It is frozen outside each night and we are cooking all our foods and spicing them because inner warmth seems to make all the difference!  If you are feeling the same way, head over to our Comfort Food recipe round up board on Pinterest.  We love that recipe sharing is so visual these days.  Most of these classic dishes or easy-to-make meals are beautifully done and so simple that you can get the idea about how to make them just from the picture.

We hope these make it off of your screen and into your kitchen in no time.  Add Field Roast in however you like!  Let us know what you think!  Post a pic of your dish on social media too.  We know these nights are long, and we think that warm food shared with friends and family brings out our best resource, community.

Plus see our whole recipe log on our website!




  1. this is the best vegan frankfurter we have ever tasted no need to try other brands…you guys have your products down to an art…5 stars all the way. Especially great they are made in the beautiful North West! Right in my husbands home state 🙂 I live in Vancouver British Columbia and your products are fortified here which alter the taste what a ridiculous move by Health Canada! At least I can enjoy the true essence of your products when I go home to the US…thank you Field Roast!

    this is a great era to be a Vegan…what an experience!

    • Thanks for the kind words! We appreciate the positive feedback and will try to share it with our entire staff. So glad to hear that you’re enjoying our products! Have a wonderful day.

      David Wolf

  2. I love this product but not sure it pm it fits my duet of no sugar,no gluten.
    Does your products contain either ?

    • Hi Laurnea,

      Our grain meat products do contain gluten as wheat protein is one of the main ingredients in making Field Roast. Our Chao Cheese Slices, however, are gluten free!

      David Wolf

  3. FINALLY, a frankfurter made so delicious tasting and w/o chemicals is a find!
    Never heard of FieldRoast until I spotted the frankfurters in a separate glass case in Mrs. Greens store in Larchmont, NY., and said to myself, ok, let me try this brand. Well, it was a delicious experience, and now, am looking forward to purchasing additional products of FieldRoast from many of the stores you list on your website. BTW, great website too!

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