Seattle chef David Lee creates Field Roast by combining the European charcuterie tradition of sausage making with the Asian Mien Ching tradition of crafting vegetarian meats from grains.


The Field Roast Grain Meat Company is founded by brothers Richard and David Lee. Loaves are made in three original flavors: Smoked Tomato, Lentil Sage and Wild Mushroom. The company’s first products are sold at PCC’s Fremont store in Seattle. Field Roast’s 1st national business with Wild Oats and Whole Foods began.


The three original flavors become available in retail pack-sized Quarter Loaves. Field Roast headquarters moves to Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood.


Field Roast introduces hand-breaded cutlets in three flavors: Sunflower Country-Style, Hazelnut Herb and Coconut.


David’s son Malcolm Lee joins the fast-growing company.

This year is marked by the debut of a holiday favorite, the stuffed Celebration Roast.


Field Roast’s Classic Meatloaf is born as a two-pound food service offering.


Field Roast creates sausages in three distinct flavors: Apple Sage, Italian and Mexican Chipotle. The sausages are a hit, winning ‘Proggy’ and ‘Golden Bun’ awards from PETA. Gourmet products, White Truffle Pate and Chao Cheese, are introduced to an ever-growing catalogue.


Field Roast sausages take the country by storm.


Two new breaded cutlets round out the flavors: Porcini Dijon and Chipotle Corn. Field Roast is selected as a CHOW pick.


Field Roast goes on a hiring spree and sets its sights on a bigger location. A complement to the Celebration Roast, the Hazelnut Cranberry Roast En Croute is launched for food service customers.


Field Roast moves its headquarters to a 1920’s-era brick dairy at 1440 South Jackson Street.  The production kitchen, warehouse and offices are all housed in this historic building, completely refurbished for the development and production of Field Roast products.


A new holiday tradition wrapped in a vegan puff pastry, the Hazelnut Cranberry Roast En Croute, flies off grocery store shelves.


Field Roast creates the first traditionally made American-style Frankfurter.

The Frankfurter is selected to be featured on menus at Seattle’s Major League Baseball stadium, Safeco Field.


Field Roast’s Frankfurter launches with nationwide availability in natural food markets in time for summer barbeques and baseball season.

The Frankfurter is selected to be featured on menus at the San Francisco Giants’s Major League Baseball stadium, AT&T Park, and the Cleveland Indian’s Progressive Field. Frankfurter recieves PETA2’s Libby Award for the “Best Vegan Hot Dog”.


Field Roast creates a juicy Hand-Formed Burger.

The burger is featured on the menus of  Baseball parks and Football stadiums alongside the Frankfurter.


Field Roast moves it’s Headquarters from its beloved brick building on Jackson Street to a new location, just 3 miles away, in the SODO area of Seattle.

The 40,000- sq. foot building was refurbished for the development and production of Field Roast products, with plenty of room to continue growing.


Field Roast launches Chao Slices, marking the Company’s introduction as the first vegan “meat and cheese” brand.