Herbed Chao Cheese

Chao Cheese is a tangy, artisan, tofu cheese formed by hand and dusted with fine herbs and sweet, red peppers. Made in small batches, Chao Cheese combines the bold flavors of garlic, fresh lemon and Provencal herbs with the silkiness of tofu for a well-rounded taste and finish. The texture is soft, creamy and perfect for spreading on fresh breads and crackers. 100% vegan, Chao Cheese makes a fine addition to any cheese course or charcuterie platter.

Appetizers: Spread on crackers or garlic-rubbed crostini for a quick and elegant appetizer.
Salads: Crumble over dressed mixed field greens for added texture and flavor.
Sandwiches: Use as a garlicky condiment or spread for the perfect Field Roast sandwich.