Mac ‘n Chao

Tender pasta meets a deliciously rich sauce made with our Creamy Original Chao Slices. This instant classic has all the home-style goodness you grew up with, crafted completely from plant-based ingredients. Add your own pasta to our sauce or use our sauce and pasta kits for an easy and tasty addition to your steam table or to-go meals. Our Creamy Original Chao sauce is also great over vegetables, on top of corn chips for delicious vegan nachos, as a creamy soup base or as simple addition to vegan casseroles.

Sauce & Pasta Kit:
Our food-service kit includes one packet of our pre-cooked tender penne pasta and one packet of our Creamy Original Chao Sauce.

Sauce Only:
Our food-service sauce simply includes two 5 lb Creamy Original Chao Sauce packets.