Field Roast grain meats and Chao Creamery products offer delicious vegan solutions for every menu. Our sausages, FieldBurgers and frankfurters sizzle on the grill. Each of our cutlets have hand-breaded crunch and are great for burgers or entree salads. Our Deli Slices can be stacked in heaps for the perfect deli sandwich. For our holiday centerpieces our stuffed roasts are savory and delicious stuffed with fresh cut vegetables, and robust spices. Our creamy line of Chao slices and Mac ‘n Chao are perfect for the hot bar, shredded on pizza and for grilled or cold sandwiches.

On the Menu

Breakfast Burrito @ Groundwork Coffee, Portland, OR
Our Mexican Chipotle Grind, scrambled tofu, potato medley, avocado, organic spinach, red bell pepper, green onion, whole wheat tortilla.

Groundwork Coffee Co

Chao Slices

vegan cheese alternative for deli sandwiches & paninis

Mac 'n Chao

a vegan chao creamery classic

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