Field Roast

Sunflower Country-Style Katsu Cutlet

An all American classic country-style breaded steak turns Japanese and merges with a traditional Katsu style cutlet. A sliced steak of Original Lentil Sage Field Roast battered and breaded with our own special recipe of seasonings, bread crumbs and sunflower seeds. Made with Original Lentil Sage Field Roast, now sold from your grocer’s freezer.

How We Make It

  • Fresh Garlic
  • Mix Dough
  • Form Deli Logs
  • Cook
  • Slice
  • Prepare Breading and Batter
  • Dip in Batter
  • Dredge in Breading
  • Label and Box

nutrition facts

Featured Ingredients


Cutlet Meat [Filtered water, vital wheat gluten, organic wheat flakes, barley malt, naturally flavored yeast extract, garlic, whole wheat flour, granulated garlic, lentils, yellow pea flour, onion powder, sea salt, lemon juice, carrageenan (Irish moss sea vegetable extract), spices and rubbed sage], Battered and predusted with (wheat flour, onion powder, sea salt, spices), Breaded with (whole wheat flour, wheat flour, sunflower seeds, sea salt, yeast and spices). Partially fried in expeller pressed canola oil.
  • Vegan