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Grilled Chipotle Quesadilla

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Grilled Chipotle Quesadilla

The grill will create a crisp outside and melty inside that will take this spicy quesadilla to a whole new level! Fair warning, these are very hot and not for the spice-intolerant! -Cooks in the Field Grill Master Adam Rosen

Cook Time:
Prep Time:


1 ackage Field Roast Mexican Chipotle Sausages
6 10-inch Tortillas
2 cups Shredded vegan cheese
1 jar Pickled jalapenos
4 oz Baby spinach


Remove the sausage from package and place on an oiled grill grate. Rotate until all sides are charred. Once cool to touch, chop the grilled sausages into bite-sized pieces.

On one half of a tortilla, spread an even layer of vegan cheese. Then top with sausage and jalapenos. Finally, add a handful of spinach and fold over. (note: I found it much easier to flip the folded over halves than to use two tortillas on the grill)

Grill on each side about 5 minutes until the outside is brown and crispy.

Cut into triangles and serve immediately!

Grilled Chipotle Quesadilla

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