1 lb pizza dough

Olive oil

Your favorite tomato sauce and/or pesto


Field Roast Italian Sausage, crumbled

Chao Slices, shredded*

Oven-dried tomatoes

Green and black olives

Mama Lil's Peppers

Roasted oyster mushrooms

Fresh basil

Balsamic reduction

*To shred the Chao Slices, remove the stack of 10 slices from the package and grate downward on the sliced side.


Heat grill.

Roll out pizza dough.

Brush or squeeze on some oil on one side of dough.

Grill first side until crispy and has grill marks. (Note: If you are making multiple pizzas, you can do this step ahead of time with all of your dough.)

Oil the uncooked side of dough.

Flip over and layer on sauce and preferred toppings on the grilled side.

Put topped pizza back on grill to finish cooking and let toppings meld.

Finish with fresh herbs

Slice and enjoy!