December 21, 2020

Celebration Roast Spotlight

The Celebration Roast

Any celebration means the coming together of family, friends, and communities. This also means the coming together of a diverse range of palates and food lifestyles. For these occasions, the Field Roast Grain Meat Co. offers a delicious, gourmet centrepiece that also happens to be 100% vegan.

The Celebration Roast has delighted vegans and meat-eaters alike since it made its debut in 2003. Each roast is individually made, wrapped in cotton netting and is stuffed with a sausage-style stuffing made from butternut squash, apples and mushrooms, with aromas of sage and ginger. It is then steamed to perfection and dipped into a spicy broth.

Emily Hobson from the blog ‘Chow Pick’ says “I was impressed to find a tasty vegan contribution from Field Roast, the “grain meat” artisans. [The] Celebration Roast heats up easily, slices nicely, and has a large quantity of stuffing made from apples, butternut squash, and mushrooms to give it substance. It was such a hit at our Thanksgiving meal that all the meat-eaters asked to take some home.”
The Celebration Roast is also offered as a vegan alternative in gourmet restaurants. Chef Jeff Nizlek of the upscale Oregon Garden Resort chose the Celebration Roast to be featured as a main course selection next his original recipes of Roast Turkey and Pork in their inaugural Thanksgiving menu because, as they describe on their website “the Celebration Roast is the ultimate in vegetarian sophistication”.

As more people examine their food lifestyles in connection to the earth, their health and just for variety, food that is both delicious and sustainable is becoming increasingly popular. With celebrities from Ellen DeGeneres to Alicia Silverstone promoting vegan eating, vegan food is now able to take centre stage; not to mention the outpour of vegan cookbooks that convert comfort foods to vegan fare.

Much of the Celebration Roast’s appeal (as well as the rest of Field Roast’s delicious products) is due to the fact that it does not intend to be a fake meat. Field Roast makes a real food product, a “grain meat”, with plant-based flavours of grains, fresh vegetables and aromatic herbs the focus. Field Roast was born from the vision of a gourmet chef with a consciousness about making food that valued all living beings and that emphasized taste first.

Food has always been the focus of celebrations, where people come together to share, nurture, have fun, be well and connect. The Celebration Roast is the perfect offering to connect the diverse range of palates, beliefs and bellies that make up our communities. It is a gift, from our family to yours.