March 4, 2012

Field Roast Safeco Release, 2012


Field Roast’s All-American Vegetarian Frankfurter Leads the Pack at Safeco Field

Bold, traditional flavor and meaty texture set Field Roasts’ Frankfurters and its new Field Burger apart, while Safeco leads the way in offering delicious vegetarian fare for baseball fans

SEATTLE—Hot dogs and hamburgers, sunflower seeds, peanuts in the shell and Cracker Jacks – that’s what fans crave at a ballgame. It’s tradition.

In a move to make traditional ballpark food at Seattle Mariners games more desirable for flexitarian and vegetarian fans, the Seattle Mariners have partnered with Seattle-based Field Roast to bring an All- American vegetarian frankfurter and burger to the Safeco Field menu.

Inspired to make a vegetarian frankfurter worthy to eat at a ballpark, Field Roast perfected its recipe using fresh ingredients and a traditional blend of spices. There’s nothing weird or fake in it, and fans will taste the difference in its bold traditional flavor and perfectly meaty, juicy texture.

“Thanks to Field Roast, the vegetarian options for Mariners fans are among the best in the league,” said Tim Kornegay, Seattle Mariners Vice President of Finance and Administration, who oversees concessions operations at Safeco Field. “We’ve tasted a lot of hot dogs over the years and Field Roast’s Frankfurters stand out. They are delicious whether you’re vegetarian or not.”

“I’m proud our franks passed the test at Safeco Field. It’s a validation of all the hard work and passion we put into creating the recipe and process,” said chef and Field Roast president David Lee. “The fact that our fellow Seattle Mariners fans can enjoy them makes it even better!”

In addition to offering traditional condiments, Field Roast will serve three specialty franks from its new, dedicated Field Roast stand, bringing the frankfurter to a new place in the culinary lexicon! The inspired haute dogs celebrate traditional flavors of Japan in honor of the Mariners strong connection with the country, and give a nod to the traditional “Seattle Dog” that includes cream cheese and Lee’s recent trip to South India and his love of their vegetarian cuisine:


  • The IchiBan: Teriyaki glazed onions topped with a Field Roast Frankfurter garnished with a sprinkle of grated daikon and carrot, topped with shredded nori and a squiggle of a creamy dressing.
  • The Seattle Chili Dog: A grilled Field Roast Frankfurter topped with a vegetarian chili with Field Roast and a slather of creamy cream cheese.
  • The Bombay: Chana Dal curried Garbanzo beans with Mango chutney with a grilled Field Roast Frankfurter garnished with deep fried curried leaves and a splash of coconut cream.

The original maker of vegetarian grain meats, Field Roast uses simple food making practices to combine grains, fresh-cut vegetables, legumes, seasonings and oils into a high-quality, artisanal vegetarian meat. Their new Frankfurter contains fresh onions and garlic.

The introduction of Field Roast at Safeco answers baseball fans’ demand for better vegetarian options at Major League Ballparks nationwide.

“As plant-based foods continue to improve thanks to companies like Field Roast, and consumer demand increases, ballparks are doing what they can to ensure a happy and satisfied fan base,” said Johanna McCloy of consumer advocacy service Veggie Happy, who has been working with national sports stadiums for 10 years, helping them to improve vegetarian options. “Safeco Field is providing quality vegetarian menu items for fans and should be celebrated.”

This year Safeco Field is introducing a Field Roast dedicated stand just off Section 133 on the Main Concourse, where the specialty franks and Field Roast’s new burger, the “Field Burger,” will be available. Field Roast Frankfurters will also be available in multiple locations throughout the ballpark at the Rolling Roof/High Cheese Pizza stand near Section 109 on the Main Concourse, and the Rolling Roof/High Cheese Pizza stand near Section 329 on the Upper Concourse. Field Roast products are also on the menu of the Hit It Here Café and the Terrace Club in-seat service. Guests in the private suites can also order Field Roast products.