Who is Field Roast?
The original maker of grain meats, Field Roast uses fresh whole food ingredients — grains, vegetables, legumes and spices — to craft our artisanal plant-based meat and cheese offerings. Since the brand’s launch in 1997, Field Roast has been a pioneer in the plant-based industry by creating flavorful products that satisfy without mimicking the taste of traditional meat and dairy products.
Where does the protein in your products come from?
Field Roast products are high in protein thanks to vital wheat gluten, which is wheat flour removed of starches; without the starches, you're left with pure wheat protein.
Are any of your products gluten-free?
None of our Field Roast plant-based meat products are gluten-free because wheat protein is one of the main ingredients. Our Chao Slices are gluten-free.
Do you use any GMOs (genetically modified organisms)?
No, all of our products are GMO-free.
Are your products organic?
Our products are not currently organic. The truth is we would have to raise prices considerably to use all organic ingredients, and our goal is to make plant-based meats and cheeses that are accessible. We focus on using fresh produce and locally-sourced ingredients, where possible, for our spices and flours. We do us organic wheat flour and organic wheat flakes.
Where can I buy your products?
Check out our store locator on our Where To Buy page.

Every region and retailer is different. We do our very best to update this store locator with the best information we have, but please call ahead if you are making a special trip to find Field Roast products in a certain store.
What is the shelf life of Field Roast products? Can I freeze them?
Field Roast plant-based meat products can be kept frozen for up to one year; once thawed, they are good for about 65 days. Many stores are responsible for adding a “use by” date once they are stocked. If you purchase them in the refrigerated section of your grocery store, you may extend their freshness by refreezing them until you are ready to use them.

Chao Slices must be kept refrigerated, and should never be frozen. Each package has a “use by” date printed on packaging.
What material makes up the sausage casing?
Field Roast Sausages don’t have any casings in a traditional sense. The vital wheat gluten is strong enough to hold the sausage together. We do link our sausages into a food-grade, BPA-free plastic barrier casing, which must be removed before preparing or eating the product.
Do your products contain soy?
All of our Field Roast products are soy-free. Our Chao Creamery slices contain soy from tofu and fermented tofu.
Are your products Kosher?
We have not been certified kosher.
Do you produce any non-plant-based products at your production facility?
No. All our the products made in our facilities are 100% plant-based.
What's the origin of your palm oil?
We source our palm oil from Daabon, a family-owned company based in north Colombia along the Caribbean coast. They’ve been in business since 1915 and are now in the third generation of ownership. Their palm oil is expeller-pressed (which means it's made without chemical solvents), organic and sustainable.

Daabon is committed to sustainable practices through water, waste and methane management and the preservation of biodiversity. They are in alliance with Rainforest Action Network (RAN), the leading activist organization that has been most critical of palm oil agriculture. Daabon is a founding member of the Palm Oil Innovation Group (POIG), which promotes innovation and improvements in palm oil production on a range of environmental, social and supply chain issues. POIG is supported by well-known environmental NGOs like Greenpeace, World Wildlife Foundation and RAN.