March 9, 2012

Frankfurter Press Release, 2012


Field Roast Celebrates America’s Frankfurter Love Affair with a Lauded Vegetarian Version

Bold, traditional flavor and meaty texture sets Field Roasts’ Frankfurter apart and honors the all- American classic

SEATTLE – Grilled in a bun, baked in a blanket or mac n’ cheese, deep fried in corn batter. Smothered with mustard, ketchup, sauerkraut, relish, onions, chili, or cheese. At the ballgame, a family BBQ, backyard picnic with friends, or walking the streets of Chicago, New York or Seattle. America has a long- term love affair with frankfurters and it’s about to get a little steamier.

How was your Field Roast Frankfurter made?

In small batches with fresh, simple ingredients – nothing confusing or previously frozen – measured by hand and combined in a bowl cutter traditionally used to make Frankfurters. We blend our own spices and each frankfurter is linked individually just like in the old world.


Today, Seattle-based Field Roast Grain Meat Company shows its own affection for the frankfurter with its new vegetarian version made from grains, fresh garlic, onion, organic expeller pressed palm fruit oil and traditional spices. The Field Roast Frankfurter is full of flavor and perfectly textured, standing out as the only “veggie dog” every American—carnivores and vegetarians alike—will want to romance this year, satisfying our most inherent cravings for a real, quality frankfurter.

“Our customers have been asking us for a frank for years,” says chef David Lee, Field Roast President. “Using fresh ingredients and simple cooking methods, we’ve mastered a frankfurter rooted in tradition and rich with bold flavors and a meaty, juicy texture that brings a rush of summertime emotion and memories.”

The Field Roast story of how it created the perfect frank further demonstrates the emotional connection we’ve made with frankfurters and Lee’s passion to make a wow-worthy vegetarian frank. Recognizing the importance of a vegetarian frank that was perfectly textured and flavored, Lee tried mixing his recipe in a bowl cutter used to mix animal meat frankfurters. It made all the difference. So, he tracked one down, flew to Chicago, and drove it back to Field Roast headquarters overnight just in time to fill the first retail order. After craning the new machine in through a serendipitously placed solar window, Lee and his culinary team developed what is certain to be the best vegetarian frank in the market.

The introduction of the Field Roast Frankfurter times well with the current trend of Americans increasingly eating less animal products for environmental, health or ethical reasons. In a category grown stale with heavily processed tofu dogs dominating, the Field Roast Frankfurter is staged to be a game-changer and fuel the ongoing love affair we have with meat in a bun.

It even landed on menus at Seattle’s Major League Baseball stadium Safeco Field.

“We are proud that our Frankfurter passed the test at a Major League Baseball park,” says Lee. “The Seattle Mariners are very discriminating when it comes to food; they know their hot dogs!”

The original maker of vegetarian grain meats, Field Roast uses simple food making practices to combine grains, fresh-cut vegetables, legumes, seasonings and oils into a high-quality, artisanal vegetarian meat.

Customer tested and approved, here’s what a few early Frankfurter fans are saying on Field Roast’s Facebook wall:

We LOVE the franks. The best thing is that they don’t try to just taste like a fake hot dog. They have an excellent flavor all their own. So yummy and savory!

Alan Lucas

I tried the Field roast Frankfuters and I could not believe my taste buds!!! Holy Toledo!!! I will forever more buy them…I am vegetarian and those really tasted the closest to a real beef hot dog ***** (five stars)

Alexandra Peek

Just tried the frankfurters! Amazing, best on the market!

Brook Martindale Paone

The Frankfurter is now widely available in natural foods markets nationwide with a suggested retail price of $5.49 for a package of six. For more information and Frankfurter recipes visit

Fit for the most nostalgic summer memories – BBQs, picnics, the county fair, outdoor movies, late night walks in the city and baseball games – Americans will fall head over heels for the Field Roast Frankfurter.

About Field Roast Grain Meat Company

Founded in 1997, Field Roast Grain Meat Company creates high-quality vegetarian meats that are based on European and Asian culinary traditions, and are made with the simple tenets of good cooking and traditional food making practices. Its ever-expanding array of products currently includes roasts, sausages, deli slices, loaves, and now an American-style Frankfurter. Field Roast can be found in over 1,000 retail stores and upwards of 500 restaurant menus nationwide. For more information, visit

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