Field Roast

Smoked Tomato Deli Slices

Field Roast Deli Slices are charcuterie-style gourmet meats made for a variety of hot and cold sandwiches. Flavors of Smoked Tomato, Lentil Sage, or Wild Mushroom create a tasty bite in a cold-cut sandwich or melt-style hot sandwich, especially layered with Chao Slices. Chop to add to a salad or roll into a party appetizer.

Smoked Tomato an exquisite blend of tangy tomatoes, deep, rich smoky notes, hearty red wine and a wonderfully complex mixture of spices.

How We Make It

  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Mix Dough
  • Form Deli Logs
  • Cook
  • Slice
  • Label and Box

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Featured Ingredients


Filtered water, vital wheat gluten, tomato paste, expeller pressed safflower oil, red wine (red wine, salt), garlic, barley malt, naturally flavored yeast extract, paprika, sea salt, granulated garlic, lentils, organ­ic wheat flakes, whole wheat flour, carrageenan (Irish moss sea vegetable extract), yellow pea flour, spices, natural liquid smoke and mustard powder.
  • Vegan