Pasta & Noodles from Around the World

We celebrate the food we make because it brings us all together. One of the values that expresses our Foodmaker’s Pride here at Field Roast is the family style meal. When we gather together at Field Roast in the community room, we often eat “family style” served from the same big dishes. We think this makes a subtle yet important difference in the way we share and gather around food. A big platter of pasta is right at home in this way of serving food, so we encourage you to join us!

This month, we are eating our way around the world with noodle dishes. From Italian Pasta to Japanese Udon and Soba, or phở from Vietnam we celebrate all the world’s cultures have to offer us by highlighting noodles and pasta this month. We have scoured our recipe archives and the internet to find great ways to create classic and new pasta dishes with Field Roast grain meats and Chao Slices. Enjoy!

Root vegetables can’t be beet!

Root VegetablesWe get all excited about vegetables.  We use them in nearly all of our products.  You’ve seen chunks of them that fall out of our grain meats when you cook them, delicious carrots that give a sweet note to our FieldBurgers for example.  Every week we have eggplant, mushrooms, carrots, onions, butternut squash, celery, ginger and garlic delivered freshly cut to our facility in Seattle.  We used to cut them up ourselves…but that was creating a challenge as we grew!  So now we have vendors cut them for us and we just get to make grain meat, which is of course, what we do best.

Each month we are inspired to pull together recipes that Field Roast products, including our Chao Slices, can be used to make, or special recipes from our employees or customers!  We are a pretty lean crew of dedicated people in the office, and while we love to interact on social media and create amazing content…we are DIY!  So we love to see what you can create and are happy to share the best ways Field Roast shows up on social.  If you are interested in submitting any for us to use, please send a note to!

This month we are highlighting root vegetables!  These gems of the dirt are here for us when the weather is at its worst.  They bravely grow in icy soil and are so delicious!  We are loving the different ways root veggies show up on plates these days and are here to sing their praises!  Join us!


We make real meat.

Meat our Family

When you ask us about what we do, what Field Roast is, or how we make our products, we always say, “We make meat.”  Then we qualify that statement with “vegan meat” or “wheat meat”.  Wheat love and meat culture is part of what we call “Foodmaker Pride”.  This is a pride for making the best food we can possibly make, something really beautiful and delicious.  We honor and are inspired by culinary tradition.

We create foods with real ingredients that literally have roots, and that have a tradition themselves.  We use a process that was born in the butcher shops of Europe centuries ago when smoked charcuterie was a way to preserve food.   Our work creating vegan charcuterie is echoed now in standalone storefronts in Toronto and Minneapolis, which is gratifying and affirming.

After 20 years of pounding the pavement selling our wares to chefs and buyers across the country who are looking for “meat alternatives” and “fake meat”, we have finally seen the birth of the vegan butcher shop.  The vegan landscape is shifting so quickly and so fantastically it makes us so proud to be part of its evolution, and possibly part of that inspiration.

In the ever increasing cacophony of buzzwords used to describe vegan food, there is finally reclamation afoot.  Meat.  That word?  That is Field Roast.  Our friends in the industry are joining us in doing what we all must do; use the word meat to describe foods that provide protein and fat.  To arrive at the center of the plate and be called “faux” or “lesser” is a disparagement.  When you are making something fake you immediately define yourself as less. Delicious vegan meats and cheese are nothing less than the ultimate advocacy that will keep changing the world to a more sustainable food supply.

We know that saying “vegan meat” is not an oxymoron, nor is saying “animal meat” redundant.  We are in the midst of a very beneficial shift in perspective right now.  Even if you are a self-proclaimed carnivore, then you can eat vegan meat too, it’s for everyone.  In a generation, the words grain meat will feel more like soy milk coming off the tongue.  If plants equal protein, we are doing the work that will possibly save the planet.

Join us in this new vernacular for the vegan meat you eat.  Help to create this reality with your words and contemplate the new normal that is emerging.  Next up?  Meat farmers…you know, those people who grow wheat for the meat you eat.


Comforting dishes for winter!


In the Northern Hemisphere, we are having one of the colder winters we can remember.  It is frozen outside each night and we are cooking all our foods and spicing them because inner warmth seems to make all the difference!  If you are feeling the same way, head over to our Comfort Food recipe round up board on Pinterest.  We love that recipe sharing is so visual these days.  Most of these classic dishes or easy-to-make meals are beautifully done and so simple that you can get the idea about how to make them just from the picture.

We hope these make it off of your screen and into your kitchen in no time.  Add Field Roast in however you like!  Let us know what you think!  Post a pic of your dish on social media too.  We know these nights are long, and we think that warm food shared with friends and family brings out our best resource, community.

Plus see our whole recipe log on our website!



A quiet field at harvest time

There is nothing like standing in a grown wheat field.  The wind rustles the fiewheat-meat-farmer-2016ld as it waves glistening in the sun on a late summer day.  Just before the harvest a hush comes to the land and fortifies the plants with their last breath of fresh air.  We buy our grains from farmers who know the gifts of our blessed wheat and their place in our history as foodmakers.  Our wheat is grown in Alberta, Canada by folks like Jim, pictured here.

We love wheat. The heart of our products is our quality wheat flours.

Following the traditional art of making seitan, we start with a wheat flour that is rich in protein and, after being mixed with our fats and spices, is steamed to create a meaty bite that truly satisfies. We know our foods are nourishing you, as well as the farmers that grow our grains and produce.  Incorporating other grains like barley, pulses like lentils and fresh vegetables is another way we know Field Roast products show you our values.

These whole sources of food from quality growers give our grain meats their unique and bold flavors. Brought to us by trusted partners in foodmaking, we take pride in our ingredients, as we do in our foods. Conscious sourcing is another example of what we call Foodmaker Pride.