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Where’s the Grain Meat?


Hello to you all, this is your Field Roast connection, and I want you to all know that your voices are heard! I read and reply to most of the emails that come in through our website, and I just can’t ignore the elephant in the room…

Our “Where to Buy” section is in dire need!! Let us know where we are found!! We are producing more than we ever have, shipping more, selling bigger orders and getting into more locations around the country! HOORAY! This is not reflected by the lack of locations, or undetailed listing on our website. When the website was first launched, much of the business was food service, and so you would find us in the prepared foods of Whole Foods, or the deli of your natural foods market. In the last year we have really staked our claim on a solid retail line, as our sausages become ever more popular! Now the Celebration Roast is having a difficult time in some regions getting shelf space, but can still be found in the deli. However there is utter frustration coming from many of you folks who either can’t find it, don’t see locations on our site that actually DO have our grain meats, or you go to a store that is listed, and they don’t carry what you are looking for!!

The Celebration Roast is likely on everybody’s mind, including ours, this time of year and I must say that the response is unanimous…”Why can’t I find it!!!” Which is absurd, given the number of roasts we have produced in the past few months! I completely understand the dissappointment when you cannot find something after finding out that what you have been searching for, a tasty and vegan holiday centerpiece, is just beyond your fingertips!

Let me summarize the nation, by region to let you know what is available, in general, if only to shed some light on the complexity of the question, “Where can I find my Celebration Roast!?”

Northwest…find it at PCC, Whole Foods (in prepared foods and/or veggie meat section), Marlene’s Market, Olympia Coops, Sidecar, Madison Market, Boise Coop, Thriftway, Kens Market QueenAnne, select Safeway locations (selected by their buyers; ask for it!!!), Metropolitan Market, Skagit Valley Coop, Greenfresh Market, Mother Nature’s Market, Larry’s Market, S.P.U.D. (Spud.com, Small Potatoes Urban Delivery), some New Seasons locations, Food Fight, Raw Raw Raw, and People’s Food Coop.

Southern Northwest…find it at Sundance Market, Ashland Coop, Alberta Coop, Capella Market, Shop N Kart, Wild Oats (in the deli), some New Seasons locations…

California…Whole Foods, New Leaf, Nugget Market, Harvest Market, Eureka Coop, Arcadia Coop…actually, if you have trouble finding it in California…then I just don’t know what! It is available everywhere…ask your local store manager!

Southwest including Colorado…Whole Foods/Wild Oats is your best bet, many of them will also have our special Hazelnut Cranberry Roast En Croute for Thanksgiving…Alfalfas and Sunflower are unknown…but you can find us in Vitamin Cottege locations too!

In the Midwest…Whole Foods and Coops are where to find it!

Northeast…Whole Foods, honestly our distribution out there is a bit limited…the tri state area that is, ask for it ask for it ask for it!

The biggest thing is to make it know in the store that you would buy Field Roast, that is a great way to get it in your local grocer!

Take Care, and give thanks!

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