Field Roast’s Chao Creamery began 15 years ago with the creation of our delicious hand formed Herbed Chao Ball; a simple soft cheese made from chao fermented tofu, fresh tofu, shiro miso paste, fresh garlic and seasonings, all rolled in a blend green herbs. Today our ever expanding line of Chao Creamery products give homage to our commitment to blend the finest of Asian and European traditionally crafted foods to create something innovative but familiar.


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What is Chao Creamery?

Fermented tofu is popular throughout most of Asia. Sometimes described as tofu cheese, it can now easily be purchased in Asian grocery stores throughout North America and Europe. It looks much like marinated feta cheese, packaged in brine with a complex flavor reminiscent of blue cheese. Chao tofu is what makes our special Chao brand products so delicious, complex and satisfying.