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Shari at Pangea called us at the Field Roast office, and we worked out a way for them to sell our product all around the east coast with their online grocery service!

“Since 1995, Pangea Vegan Products has been the premier source of hard-to-find alternatives for vegans and vegetarians. Whether you’re a hard-core animal rights activist or a potential new vegetarian, you’re sure to find tons of great cruelty-free, animal-friendly choices here.”
And now you can get your Field Roast there too! Shari picked up the whole retail line including the Celebration Roast, Sausages, Deli slices, and even the illusive but oh so great Quarter loaf (which is currently in transit, and should be available by December 20th or so).
The hub for their company is in Rockville, MD and to say the least they have really opened up some options for customers calling from the east coast wondering where they will get their Field Roast! The1-2 day ship region for Field Roast is all the way up to Maine and down into Georgia, then stretches across to the Mississippi River! How fantastic is that? Pangea also has a store front in Rockville, open on weekends for walk in customers. They have a great story about the company on their site too! We look forward to growing our relationship with this wonderful group of people, thank you for seeking us out!

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