Field Roast’s Chao Creamery began 15 years ago with the creation of our delicious hand-formed Herbed Chao Ball—a simple, soft, dairy-free cheese made from fermented tofu, fresh tofu, shiro miso paste, fresh garlic and seasonings, all rolled in a blend green herbs. Today, our ever-expanding line of Chao Creamery products honor our commitment to blend the best of Asian and European traditionally-crafted foods to create something modern yet familiar.

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What is fermented tofu?

Fermented tofu—also known as fermented bean curd or preserved tofu—is a culinary tradition throughout parts of Asia. Often used as a condiment in Asian cuisines, fermented tofu’s special mouthfeel, aroma and umami—which are reminiscent of dairy cheese—is part of what makes our Chao Creamery products so delicious, complex and satisfying.