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Chili Cheese Frank at Safeco Park!


Field Roast Chili Frank 3 29 13Take me out to the ball game, buy me some peanuts and crackerjack, and an All American Field Roast Frankfurter!

Felix, and the boys in blue weren’t the only ones working on their game this winter. Field Roast has returned to Safeco Field for another season, ready to hit one out of the park with our new specialty dog.

In addition to the Frankfurter, and our hand-formed burgers, this year we have taken a classic combination to a whole new level. Grab a couple extra napkins folks, we’ve got chili dogs!

We start with a warm outdoor roll, add one of our Field Roast Franks grilled to perfection, smother it in our garden fresh vegetable chili, and top it with a creamy vegan cheese sauce. This sucker is a grand slam!

Come down to the ballpark this summer, to root our M’s back into contention; we’ll make sure you don’t go hungry…

The Mariners are back in town tomorrow the 25th!


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