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Come see us at Hempfest!


This year at Seattle’s annual Hempfest at Murtle Edwards Park, you will be able to buy Field Roasts’ Apple Sage Sausage with hemp seed! Thats right! a host of Field Roast familiars and employees will sell the special edition sausage from a booth at the event.

The 2008 theme for this highly attended event is; Industrial Hemp, and what it can do for America. “With our nation’s stumbling economy, soaring gas prices, and recent global shortages of food and energy we can’t afford to ignore the fact that industrial hemp can play a useful role in securing the vital interests of our nation. There are so many various uses for hemp, it really may be the the world’s most resourceful plant. We are putting a special “hemphasis” on the things Hemp can deliver, and we will have some special displays and presentations from some of the nation’s leading experts this year at Hempfest.” This excerpt from their website emphasizes the fact that in the events’ seventeenth year in the making, Hemp is still a viable and important issue today.

Hempfest runs from August 16th-17th from 10am-8pm, and spans three Seattle waterfront parks: Elliott Bay Park (North Entrance), Myrtle Edwards Park, and Olympic Sculpture Park (South Entrance).
Admission is FREE!

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