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Community Meal: Field Roast Shepherd’s Pie


Yesterday was our monthly community meal at Field Roast. Usually David cooks the meal, we set a large table and enjoy some time together. Afterwords we have our monthly safety and production meeting.

This month’s meal was Shepherds Pie with collard greens on the side. David started by massaging the Classic Meatloaf into crumbles, and mentioned also that he used our Porcini Gravy mix to give it some sauciness.

Today we welcomed two new faces to the office! Cindi, who comes to us via a farm in eastern Washington (among other places) and Korie from Australia. After the busy holiday season it is great to have more hands for the work that keeps coming. (Thanks so much for buying our food! That way we can keep making it!)

Now this may be a bit of a downer, since most of you won’t be able to find either of these fabulous Field Roast products near you. There are some exceptions…like the Midwesterners who can find our Meatloaf at the Whole Foods deli counter, or those in LA that can do the same.

Richard setting the table in our Community Room
We love our meatloaf! Made really simply with carrots, celery, onions, a hint of tomato paste, organic palm oil (what’s meatloaf without the fat) and our ubitiquitous grain meat.
These photos were taken by our newest FRoaster Korie, who joins us to work with production and quality assurance.
David and Korie in the Kitchen (which is also our Community Room)

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