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Out in NYC we have a dynamic duo that help us out with spreading the FR love around.  Danielle Devine and Robbie Baum!  They have helped us this year to be part of the DC Vegfest and will again be there for us at the Boston Vegfest!  We asked that Danielle write up a little blog and share some photos.  Thanks again you two!  And thanks to Erica Meier and the whole COK volunteer staff for helping us make it all happen, this was a great event to be part of, even from afar.

Hello, Field Roast fans!

My name is Danielle.  My partner Robbie and I have been working with Field Roast since we met David in NYC, where we live, and expressed our love for Field Roast and our interest in seeing it take over the world.

We just came back from our second year at the DC Veg Fest 2011 where we had the pleasure of sampling free Field Roast sausages to tons of hungry people. We were blown away by how many people- vegan, vegetarian, and meat-eating alike were familiar and, like us, in love with Field Roast.  Within minutes of heating up our grill, we had a long line that continued to grow throughout the day.

There were also lots of people who were able to try our sausages for the first time, or sample a flavor they had never tried before. We were blown away by your stories of bringing Celebration Roast to family gatherings and watching your relatives open up to, and savor vegan food, as well as your very positive feedback about our new Frankfurter. Thank you all so much for your support!  – Danielle

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