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“double take” Cookbook – Veggie and Carnivores Alike


There is a new vegetarian/meat cookbook that has an intriguing mission; make the same dish two different ways, one version made with animal meats….and the other version made with vegetarian meats….thus the title double take by Harvard Common Press.

The book is by Seattle cookbook authors A.J. Rathbun and Jeremy Holt (come by for a tour sometime guys….), who we’ve never met (we don’t think).  In their book, they have a handy section that details the many different veggie meat options that are available, including Field Roast.

I like the idea of the book…blurring the lines between vegetarianism and carnivorism (new word) offering recipes that can go either way.  This corresponds to our view that the days of the dialectic between the two culinary inclinations is narrowing.  At Field Roast….we like to think that we make a vegetarian meat for everyone/anyone who enjoy’s good basic food…all meat eaters; veggie style and carnivores alike.

The book includes a recipe for classic Osso Buco the vegetarian version made using our Lentil Sage Quarter Roast.  On the front cover they took a picture of Field Roast?.  Can you tell which dish?  The top or the bottom?  And….which product of Field Roast?  The winner (drawn from correct responses) gets a free t-shirt.

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