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End of winter, Hello spring salad!


It’s our final posting of US VegWeek and I think we’ve had some really good recipes and contributions. Did you make anything exciting this week? I know after a long week at work and a busy weekend I can feel a little hesitant about making a feast in the kitchen and am a huge fan of a good salad. Salads are great due to their versatility.

Fall salads can have tasty roasted root vegetables and firm, juicy apples and rustic kale. Those veggies tend to carry throughout the winter, so when spring comes we’re ready for something that is fresh and young tasting! Maybe some quickly blanched asparagus, sautéed pea vines, young juicy strawberries, some pan seared Field Roast Apple Sage Sausages a top a bed of spring greens. While this post doesn’t have a recipe, I hope it inspires you to load up your plate with a cornucopia of fresh fruits and veggies, greens and any of our deliciously seasoned Field Roast Grain Meat products. We really do hope you enjoyed following us throughout the week and if you’d like to share a recipe with us and all of our Field Roast fans, we’d love for you to share what will be on your springtime salad!



Pan Seared Field Roast Apple Sage and Veggie Salad


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