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Father’s Day Chili Dogs! Happy Father’s Day from Field Roast


As a boy growing up in Minnesota, I only put ketchup on my Frank but remember for my dad it was a full on production including baked beans, onions, ketchup, mustard and if we had it on hand, some sauerkraut.  Clearly as a child I had a more refined taste and now as an adult I’m willing to try anything.  I kid you not; I put peanut butter on a Frankfurter a couple of weeks ago and loved it.

We here at Field Roast are trying to harvest creativity and come up with interesting Frankfurter recipes and combinations.   I thought Father’s Day would be the perfect time to gather some data on what dads eat on their Franks.  In the end, dads were consistent on their fixins’.  The general consensus from the people that I polled was chili.  Rarely was it just chili, and usually included things like fresh diced onion, jalapeños, hot sauce, mustard and cheddar shreds. So kids and moms, as you read this and wondering what to make Dad for Father’s Day, a chili dog might be your best bet.

But I should give you a heads up! We did have one outlier, that being Jennifer’s dad who is a traditionalist.  “Mustard.  That’s it…I don’t like any of that other stuff like onions or anything…” Have a little of the yellow stuff on hand just in case.

As we celebrate our dads this Father’s Day, take note of what your dad puts on his Frank.  Is he a chili fan? Do we have any future Iron Chef Dads out there topping their Frank with a tasty black olive, fig and rosemary tapenade?!  Do we have any kids out there that want to be just like their dads and follow in his Frank topping footsteps?

We want to extend a Happy Father’s Day to all dads.  Thank you for all that you have done, will do, have taught and will teach us.   Sit back and have a great day and enjoy being a dad.


Menu: (Father’s Day Menu)

  • Field Roast Frankfurter Chili Dogs w/ fixins’
  • Mixed Green Salad w/ Roasted Beets and Raspberry Vinaigrette
  • Baked Beans
  • Popsicles!

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