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Field Day at Field Roast!



This Thursday we will lay our mixing paddles down, turn off our steam ovens and shut down our computers to spend a day together playing around, enjoying some good vegan food and otherwise hanging out.  At 8:30 am, two yellow school buses will arrive at our front door and we will pile in to begin our annual Field Day.  This year we are going to a top secret location!

Our Field Day keeps growing as our company keeps growing!  We have gone from two to three, and now four teams.  A fierce but friendly rivalry has developed among co-workers.  We are all competing for the ultimate glory: the winning team’s photo will be posted in our employee break room for the year.  This year’s team names are:

The Veganators – led by Rene in the maintenance department
The Grain Meat Soldiers – led by warehouse supervisor Rayson
The Dancing Salchichas – led by production manager Tri
The Wonder Weenies – led by quality assurance’s Kristi

The gang at Field Day 2012
The gang at Field Day 2012

At Field Roast, working hard is a given as all of our employees labor to create nourishing and tasty Field Roast products, but we also value playing hard.  This annual event is a chance to foster community outside of work and to take a day away from our busy office and production facilities to restore in the Seattle sun while it is still with us.

This year we are upping our game by hosting Field Day in a secret, new location with some closely guarded surprises along the way.  The menu won’t disappoint either.  It will include some summer favorites, but our lunch will be much more than traditional barbecue fare.  Stay tuned–recipes to follow!

Wish us well for a fun and sunny day this Thursday and we will give you some updates shortly thereafter.


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