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Field Roast Deli Slices; Get up…Stand up


These slices have been around for years, you may have seen them before.  Seeming casual and laid back on the shelf, perhaps slipping down like an avalanche when you go to grab your favorite flavor; mine’s Lentil Sage.  Well today may just be the day you see them for what they are!  A delicacy in vegan slicery, a veritable smorgasbord of sandwich making finery and deliciousness.  All over the country, stores that carry our slices should just be getting in the newly dressed delis in our sturdy and upright new boxes.  They have a bit of something for everyone inked onto their sides: illustrations, poetry, romance, recipes and nourishment information.

We are currently updating our website to include these “on the box” recipes, and would love your feedback and photos!  If you have never seen or eaten our slices, they are something special.  As with any of our products we pour in fresh cut vegetables, real & bold herbs and spices, and use traditional cooking methods to create a deli meat that is vegan, artisan, and scrumptious.  Three flavors to enjoy!

Lentil Sage, seasoned with garlic, zesty lemon juice, pungent rubbed sage and fine herbs

Wild Mushroom has earthy flavors of Shiitake, Porcini Champignon mushrooms accented with fruity balsamic vinegar

Smoked Tomato with hearty tomatoes, hickory smoked infusions with red wine, old world spices and herbs

We are happy to announce these deli slices are ready to stand up and be noticed!



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