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FIELD ROAST FOLKS: Rolf & Randi Astrom


Because we make tasty animal free grain meats at Field Roast, I get to work with and talk to some of the greatest people and companies.

Our hardworking wax printer, whom I have mentioned before, requires little blocks of wax that actually are alot like crayons and come in shapes, a different shape for each color. The quality of this printed on paper is really fantastic…but back to the point.

Rolf and Randi at The Pacific Lawrence Co. sell us this ink. This New Year Randi came into the office and presented us with a profile for an adopted animal from Pasados Safe Haven. Her name is Mary Lou and she is a pig who was saved from being left on the auction floor for having been neglected and was suffering from multiple health issues. I thought this to be such a fantastic way to thank customers for their business, while giving back to the community!

Animals are usually the center of the conversations Randi and I have, mostly because both she and my sister in law have “dog children” and there are always stories to tell. Thank you to Randi and Rolf for their commitment to improving the quality of life for animals, it is a pleasure.

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