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Field Roast welcomes New School


With our plant right in the city, it is easy to be part of a community. We do not take that for granted, so when a teacher from New School asked for us to host her 4th grade class for a tour, we were delighted at the opportunity.

This is not something that we are in the business of doing. We make food and ship it. That said we had the greatest time showing the kids how grain meat is made, and they seemed to have a great time too. What better way to connect with food than to watch how it is made. Our cook crew was making sausage that day, and the kids were visibly mesmorized by the linking machine. They were of course fond of the huge freezers and the packing machine as well.

The best part of the tour was that we set out ingredients for them to make their own grain meat and take it home! We had them all glove up and measure the wheat flours, salt and boullion. Then they measured the water, mixed into the water their chosen veggies & spices and then mixed the wet and dry together! We used a little bit of netting that they placed the dough into, and we steamed it for them.

They really got into the hands on activity! And we truly enjoyed having them come in and see just how grain meat is made.

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