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September 1, 2012

Canada Launch, September 2012

Field Roast Brings New Vegetarian Grain Sausages, Frankfurters and Roasts to Canada

The rise of plant-based diets and demand for better tasting, high-quality vegetarian meats set stage for launch

TORONTO, ONTARIO — From foot longs to mini-dogs grilled and served in an artisanal bun to the Japanese hot dog hybrid to the Montreal-Style steamie to the most expensive sausage in the world at $100, Canada is hot on the hot dog trend.

The newest sausage to enter the scene? A vegetarian version made with Canadian wheat that boasts fresh ingredients, bold flavours and a meaty, juicy texture that is sure to surprise everyone.

Today, Seattle-based Field Roast Grain Meat Company launches its vegetarian sausages, frankfurter and roasts in Canada, with product availability in select natural food stores nationwide. For Canadians who seek to eat a plant-based diet every day, one-day-a-week or just once a year, Field Roast offers a delicious option that is made with fresh vegetables, grain and seasonings.

“Our intention is to make real food, not fake meat substitutes,” says chef and Field Roast President David Lee. “We use Canadian wheat in our sausages and roasts, fresh raw ingredients, and simple cooking techniques in all our recipes—nothing fake, weird or overly processed. I hope Canadians will enjoy the difference.”

Field Roast’s move answers Canada’s demand for better vegetarian options at the grocery store that began when renowned vegan shop Karmavore in Westminster, BC started importing Field Roast, establishing a local fan base. It’s also personal for Lee, who spent many of his childhood summers in the country with his Canadian cousins and grandparents.

The original maker of vegetarian grain meats, the Field Roast story of how it mastered its recipe demonstrates Lee’s passion to make delicious, premium REAL vegetarian products. First and foremost, recognizing the importance of using the highest-quality ingredients, Lee’s search for his key ingredient, wheat protein flour, took him to Red Deer, Alberta in the heart of Canada’s wheat belt.

“Being based in Seattle, we are lucky to be so close to Alberta where some of the highest quality wheat is grown in the world,” Lee says.

From here Field Roast employs traditional, old-world, sausage making practices that begins where all great sausage makers begin; with a grind, but using grains. Then, add fresh-cut vegetables and fruit; eggplant, Yukon Gold potatoes, granny smith apples, onions and garlic. Add some liquids; zesty lemon juice, rich red wine, organic apple cider vinegar and finally the seasonings; fennel seed, sweet red pepper, rubbed sage, ginger, Chipotle and Chili de Arbol peppers. Voila! An artisan vegan sausage with sizzle, texture and bold, confident flavour!

As 2013 approaches and Canadians resolve to eat a plant-based diet more often in the New Year, Field Roast’s introduction in the country is timely. Field Roast’s sausages are the perfect transitional products to help more Canadians eat vegetarian.

Products and their availability in Canada include a:

  • Smoked Apple Sage Sausage: Representing a savoury combination of apples and sage anchored with Yukon gold potatoes with a subtle hint of hickory smoke. (Available today)
  • Italian Sausage: Made with fresh eggplant and packed with fennel, red wine, garlic and sweet peppers. (Available today)
  • Mexican Chipotle Sausage: A spicy-hot blend of smoked Chipotle peppers, Chili de Arbol peppers, fresh chopped garlic, sweet onions seasoned with cumin seed and oregano. (Available today)
  • Frankfurter: Rooted in tradition, fresh garlic, fresh onions and our own traditional blend of spices make the difference. (Available today)
  • Celebration Roast: A rich and savoury sausage-style stuffing made from Field Roast grain meat, fresh cut butternut squash, mushrooms and granny smith apples seasoned with a blend of rosemary, thyme and sage. We then surround the stuffing with our most luxuriant grain meat seasoned with rubbed sage, garlic and lemon juice. (Available in October 2012)

Bite into Field Roast’s sausages, frankfurter or celebration roasts and you’ll experience a rush of fresh flavours and real meaty, juicy texture that will satisfy your craving for high-quality meat, whether you’re vegetarian, flexitarian or a carnivore.