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Frankfurter Recipe: The Seattle Dog


So for the next stop on our Frankiocity tour, we look right in our own back yard. The Seattle Dog. Something newer on the map, but oh so indulgent. We made ours with vegan cream cheese and Nacho sliced Jalapenos, with freshly grilled sweet onions made by our very own FR chef Stephen Holtz. You can find this style of dog at many of the carts in Seattle…sans vegan cream cheese. Just don’t ask Steve to eat one, he isn’t interested. Oh well as we said before, you can’t please everyone.

On another note…We have been busy as dogs at Field Roast…and frankly, we seem to have made some progress with placements of the new Frankfurter! Funny enough Florida and Colorado are in the lead in regards to number of stores. Shout out to Fort Collins for the business! Thanks!

There are still a couple months before summer is over (didn’t it just start?) and Labor Day is the hopeful weekend that the grills everywhere will be sizzling with Field Roast Franks. We know that many of you have gotten to try them, and the response has been awesome! We thank everyone who has taken the time to send a note via email or Facebook, and ask that you keep it coming!

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