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Open House Party!


On Tuesday, September 9th, we opened the doors to our new facility for friends, family, customers, vendors and the community to help us dedicate the building we have put so much love and energy into.

The finishing touches on our charming brick building, built in the ’20’s (read about it here) were hanging our swinging sign and getting the front painted with our company name, the old fashioned way (our painter even did it freehand!) Now, there is no mistaking where we are!

We greeted guests at our front door/ reception area, which we decorated with flowers, and soon was a jungle of beautiful plants we received as congratulatory gifts. We had a Field Roast display, and photos of the plant in the state of disarray we got it in. Even just being in the reception area people could tell from the photos just how much positive energy we infused into the building, which like so many old buildings, was probably slated for demolition. But a little love and respect goes a long way for anything neglected…

We asked people to sign into a dedication board, so we could have a memento of the day as well as capture some of the warm community spirit that our guests brought to us.

From the reception area, we led tours around the facility. We weren’t making product at the time which allowed our guests to go into the production room, walk around and check out the machines, and get a feel for all of the aspects that go into producing our famous vegan grain meats.

The tours ended in our label room which had been transformed into party room! 🙂 We had all of our products out for sample, including the hard-to-find White Truffle Pate and Chao Cheese. die-hard fans and people who had never tried our products before were delighted with the display and we really appreciate the warm energy they all brought into bringing our plant to life.

Although we have been in the new location for a few months, now it really feels like home.

Thanks to everyone who made this happen! We could not be here without our dedicated customers, and all of the support we have received over the last ten years!

Stop by anytime to check us out and to bring even more love to us! The party is over but our door is always open…

To check out some more photos of the event, click here

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