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Packaging angst with new machine….


When we moved into our new plant last year we decided to also upgrade our packaging machine. The machine we had was stalwart but was just getting old. The size of the packages it could make didn’t fit our product, especially the Celebration Roast…so we had to tuck under the excess packaging and keep it back by wrapping a label around it; wasting plastic.

Our new machine; a Multivac R145 was the promised new land….or that’s what we thought. The new configuration of the machine has proven to be a painful one for us. The size of the package matches the Celebration Roast 1 lb perfectly but because of it’s depth…it leaves the plastic a little too thin. In transit and during handling the thinness of the package is sometimes compromised, leaving what we call a “leaker”… essentially the package loses it’s vacuum and looks something like the photo to the below.
We apologize to any of our retail customers; individuals and stores alike for this occuring. If you find “leakers” on your shelf please submit for a full refund and replacement to either your distributor or Field Roast directly.
The good news is that we are now using a Chamber Vacuum machine. This is a much thicker packaging solution and has a shrunk, tight look – the plastic is also twice as thick. Below is a comparison picture between the Multivac packaged Celebration Roast and a chamber vac. Live and learn…..Stay tuned!
New Chamber Vac Shrunked Package
Multivac Rollstock Package

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