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Sausages Forever!


Summer is the perfect time to be grilling Field Roast sausages on the barbeque! It seems that every year, since we introduced them in 2005, more and more people are catching on to them! We get compliments from vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and even carnivores about how delicious our sausages are. The fact they are enjoyed by all members of the food-eating world really warms our hearts!

Each year for the past three years, our sausage sales have doubled, and we finally had to move from our old location to increase our production and storage area. We are still in Seattle, and actually moved closer to downtown to the historic International District, a place with a rich history and vibrant present. (Read about our new facility and our philosophy behind our choice of location here.)

Field Roast is made fresh in small batches and now we are making about 30 batches a week!! Thank you to all who choose and enjoy our vegan sausages. We are happy to be part of your summertime funtime!

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