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Show us your Frank prowess and win!


The Ichiban, Field Roast Specialty Dog

Have you whiled away the hours, drooling over condiments?  Do you have a special way that you top your veggie dog?  Perhaps you have YET to indulge in the creative generation of Frankfurter variations?  That’s right, it doesn’t have to be just the regular mustard and ketchup, or even relish and kraut.  Although, man does that hit the spot eh?  Our new specialty Frankfurters at Safeco Stadium have peaked our curiosity for more new and exciting takes on the illustrious dog, and we can’t be more excited to get your ideas!

Perhaps you could start with a name for inspiration…something evocative and with a point of view.  What would the Frankenstein Dog have on it?  How about the Havana Singer?  What about the Robo Rambo?  Or the Tuscaloosa Tottie?  I could come up with silly names all day.  Trust me.

So pick an inspiration, even a good ol baseball cliche (know your audience right? Who are the Mariners playing the night of June 9th?) and get to topping.  Its all about the passion, and we hope it gets sloppy!  Just remember that we are going to serve these to the masses during a game, so although the condiments can be complex, the presentation and assembly should be simple to execute.

Easy rules to enter: You can submit your entry under Veggie Happy’s Facebook post, or at the Veggie Happy Blog.  Please submit the name for your specialty frankfurter along with a short description of your concept.  Note that it should have no more than four toppings. Feel free to post a photo of your specialty frank if you’d like, too!

The top five finalists will be notified on Friday, May 25 and asked to submit specific recipes for the cooked and sauce elements.  The winning specialty frankfurter will be selected by David Lee and announced on Friday, June 1.

The winning dog concept will be served at the June 9th game at Safeco, and the contestant will get two tickets to the game!  Or if you aren’t in Seattle, you’ll be able to get a special delivery of Field Roast goodies right to your door.  Enter today!

Gook Luck!  I hope to try your creation in the Field Roast test kitchen soon!




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