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Thanks Toronto!


Toronto was a flurry of activity with TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival), the Toronto Chinatown Festival, and VegFest!  This past weekend Field Roast Grain Meat Company served up thousands of samples of our vegetarian sausages at North America’s biggest VegFest in Toronto, Ontario.   This three day event saw over 40,000 visitors from around Canada, with a lineup of vegan speakers and cooking demonstrations from Isa Moskowitz, Terry Hope-Romero, and Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, as well as live music and lots of tasty vegan food ranging from cookies and cupcakes, to delicious corn chowder and Indian food and samples of our sausages.

The event started Friday evening with people leaving work and walking through the waterfront on the way home.  We had a steady stream of visitors from open to close with the grills on high perfectly cooking the sausages and wafting the smells throughout the park.  Saturday’s rain didn’t slow us down; event goers came out in throngs with umbrellas in hand and lined up for samples.  However, the busiest, sunniest day of the festival was Sunday.  From 12-7 we had a line of about 30 people waiting to try the new grain meat in town.  The sunshine and live performances at the center stage kept people smiling.

Field Roast has recently become available in Toronto within the past couple of months and we’re hoping that the warm reception we received will help to get more placements in Toronto and the surrounding area.  We heard it a lot “Where can I buy this?!” and we’re continuing to add more and more locations and the weeks go on.   Be sure to request at your local stores for Field Roast Grain Meat products.

We’d like to say thank you for the warm welcome and we look forward to being found at stores throughout Canada in the very near future.

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