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The Undead Feast on Field Roast


This year, the day before our day of freedom in the US, Seattle will attempt to break the record once again of the biggest mob of zombies in the Red, White & Dead event this Saturday, part of Fremont’s Outdoor Movies Series. Field Roast Sausages on buns will be served up by Jade at Gargoyle Beads!

Festivities kick-off midday, and include on-site zombie makeovers, a zombie fashion show, musical performances, special creepy guests, a massive group Thriller dance – with lessons by Seattle Thrillers group – and, of course, the huge zombie walk through the Dead Center of the Universe, Fremont.

I know…might sound strange, but to be honest I am very tempted to smear on some makeup and even do up my 5 year old. After all, there will be a huge “Thriller Dance” in the middle of the street in West Seattle. This is a sight to see! But you know how this weekend is, so take public transit, and don’t pack a lunch!

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