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US Vegweek and Earth Day is near!


photo-3At Field Roast, we make sausages and frankfurters.  We stuff rich grain meat roasts with sage, apples, and butternut squash.  We have a bank of steam ovens, hand energy and a few machines that you would spot in any artisan sausage or charcuterie making business.

We’ve reclaimed the word meat, and use it to describe what we make here.  Though it may be controversial (certainly the term “meatless” has crowded many packages of veggie meats at your local store) to call Field Roast meat, we don’t think meat is just made from animals, we are proof positive.

Meat is solid protein rich food at the center of your plate, its Field Roast. 

Field Roast Grain Meat is what we base all of our recipes for our products on.  We make our products from plants like grains, vegetables and herbs and we combine them with more simple ingredients that you use at home like safflower oil, red wine and cider vinegar.  The results are sausages and franks that sizzle, juicy roasts and hearty deli slices and meatloaves.

Education in our business is important…because we have all kinds of customers.  We are so thankful to have the kind of fans of our food that let us know what they like about Field Roast, and they aren’t just your garden variety of vegans and vegetarians.  Some of them are omnivores, or even self proclaimed carnivores.  Field Roast is for everyone, and picking up a pack of Mexican Chipotle Sausages from the produce set and making a breakfast scramble is a revelation that anyone (even my brother in law) can get behind.  And we think that is just what is needed to show people that vegan food isn’t what it used to be.  It’s delicious…and decidedly not meatless.

Next week April 22nd-28th, we proudly join Compassion over Killing to invite everyone in taking a week long pledge to go veg.  In support of that campaign, we are going to post recipes that are old and new, and some from our customers for you and yours to try!  We hope you will find them simple and something that you can pull out of your pantry and add some Field Roast to.  Have fun with your US Vegweek food!

If you have a favorite Field Roast recipe to share with our friends, post it on our Facebook wall, use #FieldRoast for Instagram or Pin it!  Sharing is a huge part of the food fun that we celebrate during US Vegweek!


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