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Where Field Roast meets the plate


You may have noticed that Field Roast Sausages, Slices, and Celebration Roasts can be found in more grocery stores than ever; even large local chains have given us real estate on their shelves. Though you may like the freedom of taking a package of Field Roast home and cooking it up yourself, there are several options for grabbing a bite of our grain meats in a restaurant in Seattle and around the country.
You have long since been able to get your Field Roast fix at Smarty Pants, the Elysian Brewery or the Elliott Bay Cafe. Huckleberries Bistro in Spokane has carried our various cutlets since 2002, and the Husky deli has served up vegan options with our Wild Mushroom and Smoked Tomato slices since 2000! It is getting more difficult to keep track of our customers, with all of the different ways you can order our products; but since the Pacific Northwest is our home, more often than not we have a few will call orders a week and speak directly to the people using the Roast.
So here is a little update on who is using Field Roast on their menus, so that on those nights when it is too hot in your own kitchen you know there is still hope.

The Hangar Cafe

Located in Georgetown, WA literally down the alley way from the FR production facility, Dawn and her team brew the best Americano around, and serve sandwiches hot off the panini grill. She features a vegan Reuben with our Smoked Tomato slices, and will often put our Smoked Apple Sage Sausage in her homemade frittata breakfast specials. Seriously good artisan eats in a comfy cafe atmosphere.

The Georgetown Liquor Company
Down the street from Jules Mae’s and Smarty Pants, also in Georgetown, WA is the recently established liquor & gamer pub with a vegetarian menu that obliterates thoughts of boring veggie food. The menu is a smorgasbord of bold tastes and really is a testament to where good chefs can take the art of vegetarian cuisine. Because the gamer geek can be found in all of us, the arcade tables are found near the windows, but the high backed booths are reminiscent of an old Scottish pub. Both the Darth Reuben and the Picard feature Field Roast, but owner Jim says people can smother Field Roast on any dish…and they do.

On first Ave in Belltown is the Cyclops bar whose cocktails are as good as the fare. You can find our Sunflower Cutlets on the menu in all their deep fried glory. We are a new addition to the bar menu and it seems that Field Roast patrons are Cyclops people too! Their food is vegan friendly and we are honored to be part of the mix.

Now let us jump across to the east coast…

‘A’ Cafe…both in Miami and New York have been serving up Celebration Roast and our White Truffle Pate for about a year now. Marc and Blue have a unique perspective on food and though I have not made it across the country to visit their restaurants, I have scoped out their menu online and I must say this is not your ordinary “cafe” with diner or bistro food.

This is only the tip of the iceberg!! I am committed to keeping a running “column” on where Field Roast meets the plate in front of you at your favorite place to eat!

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