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Hi Friends,

Thank you all for the outpouring of support over the last couple of weeks. We have been overwhelmed with the response from our friends and customers! You may have heard that Field Roast has ceased distribution in Canada and we appreciate your patience as we answer questions and address your concerns.

We are working with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and Health Canada to address their concerns about Field Roast regarding their current regulations. The regulations rule that we are making a “simulated meat product” and need to add this language to our labels. The standards for a “simulated meat product” require a Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER) study (conducted using live animals) to evaluate the protein in relation to animal meats. [update: there is an approved alternative method for testing that does not involve animals.] A PER study has not been done on vital wheat gluten, yet we are making a protein-rich vegetarian sausage entirely from wheat (and vegetables and real ingredients!). Other companies may be making vegetarian meats using vital wheat gluten alongside soy or other recognized proteins with PER results. Furthermore, we would need to add chemical supplements and vitamins to our product to meet these regulations, which would stray from our purpose of making a real meat without animal products or additives. As a company, we believe there is a fundamental bias that exists in these regulations; one that holds animal proteins as the standard of all meats. Therefore, it is not a simple fix.

Field Roast President David Lee recently visited Toronto’s Vegetarian Food Festival with information about our current situation, where he received a tremendous amount of community and consumer support. He was back in Toronto for the CHFA East trade show last weekend and is now working with some folks in Ottawa to explore our different options moving forward. We absolutely love our Canadian customers and hope to continue offering our products. Again, we thank you for your support.

The feedback and questions have been overwhelming for our team, and it will be easiest for us to update everyone via email about Field Roast in Canada. If you would like to be updated, please sign up for our “Field Roast in Canada” mailing list here.

Best Regards,

The Folks at Field Roast

Canada Labelling Response


  1. I’m so happy the Field Roast sausages are back in Vancouver stores. I do prefer the old packaging and I’ll tell you why – I could easily prepare just two sausages at a time without having to open the whole package. It was so nice to be able to snip off the links with a pair of scissors, even when the sausages were frozen. But, I understand you had to change your labels, and this changed the format. What I wanted to ask about was The Celebration Loaf. Any news? We still cannot get it in Canada. I just phoned my local store and asked them about it, too. I hope they get it back soon! Thanksgiving is just around the corner…

  2. I’m glad that I can find the sausages in Vancouver again but I see that you’ve changed the packaging. I preferred the old packaging where each sausage was individually wrapped. Why the change?

  3. We live in an area of Canada where the products are not available. The nearest centre where we could purchase your product is 3 hours away. Is there any possibility of shipping to a home address?



    • Hi Christine – We aren’t able to ship to home addresses but I recommend purchasing from an online retailer and having it delivered, such as

  4. I hope you work on the burgers next – they are the only veggie burger I like. So glad the sausages are back though! Thanks!!!

  5. Yay! My local Save On in Sherwood Park AB has just got your sausages back in. I am soooo happy – it’s been a long 10 months. Look forward to your other products (especially the Roast) returning too!

  6. Hi,

    Just wondering, will your other products (burger and cheeses) will also be sold in Canada ? Thanks

  7. Hello FR friends… just looking for an update… I’ve reached out to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for an update as well as my local Member of Legislative Assembly.


  8. Also…why are people giving Health Canada so much trouble? They’re just doing their jobs.

    We complained that our food wasn’t safe, that need regulating and testing to keep unsafe ingredients and unsanitary conditions from contaminating our foods…so they set up food safety studies, do testing, create guidelines to ensure that we’re safe…then people complain that they aren’t stringent enough (aka food babe followers)…and now, they’re being “too strict” because products that fail to provide studies can’t pass testing.

    So…what what do you people want? Food where anything can be put in it and we have to hope that the manufacturer is “good”…not grinding up plastic as food filler and not packaging on a dirty floor? or do we want regulation where our food is proven to be safe?

    I love field roast. Their sausages…I could eat every day. So good. And while I *think* they seem like an awesome company (and I’m sure they are), I’m glad that the Canadian Government is looking out for us. Not every company is awesome…and they need to have consistent guidelines to follow. Think about food coming in from countries that have lower sanitation levels than us…that would have no issue selling dog meat and labeling it as something else. We need regulation.

    Anyway, I’ll end my rant 🙂 Hopefully, I gave some of you some food for thought.

    • We are giving Health Canada hell because they are unwilling to change their ways or see a different point of view. That’s why.

    • How exactly does torturing animals (testing on animals) ensure that a company isn’t grinding up plastic as food filler and packaging on a dirty floor? Do you think that animal testing somehow makes food safe, or that we need animal testing for ingredients like the ones in Field Roast products, which we already have loads of scientific data about and already consume regularly?

      ..Do you think that all the food on the shelves in Canada is safe because they government says so?

      Enough of drinking the cultural kool-aid. Field Roast was booted because a “competitor” complained about them, it was entirely about business. For them not to be called “grain sausages” (which they should be, since they are sausages made from grains) and to add things to them to have the same nutrient profile as animal meat sausages, which the government ridiculously requires now (I don’t WANT my veggie sausages to have the same horrible nutrient profile of animal meat sausages). Does rice have to have the same nutrient profile as animal meat? Do apples? Maybe the government should outlaw apples. Maybe we should victimize more animals by testing apples on them too.

  9. I just found out today that I can’t purchase field roast products anymore in Canada, and I’m totally bummed out!

    I’ve been a vegetarian for 23 years….and I’ve never found a substitute anywhere near as good as your products…I will miss you guys- there is definitely a hole in the market now.

    It seems like the main issue is that you guys don’t want to do animal testing. I understand the stigma of animal testing…I mean, we envision cute bunnies in cages covered in lipstick, being tortured…but animal testing in this case would be getting animals to eat field grain products: grains, vegetables and other whole ingredients. This is not the kind of animal testing to be railing against….the animals will be getting delicious food. I would love to be a bunny in this study.

    I realize Canada is a small market, and we’re not making a ton of sales for you guys…maybe it’s not worth the cost of changing packages and doing testing…and that I understand. I hope you guys can figure out a way to make it back up here again….or somehow make it so it can be shipped up here maybe?

    Does anyone else have any suggestions for what to use instead of field roast? I can’t do tofurkey or Ives…that stuff tastes like cardboard.


    • Hi Stef, Thanks for your input, but there is actually another method for testing, so no animals have been involved. And we have been doing everything to get our products back in Canada, which will hopefully be 2015! To answer your other question, people are pointing at the CFIA because the regulations involved are very outdated and hold vegan products to the same standards as animal meats. Along with many other manufacturers and organizations, we will continue to advocate for change regarding these regulations for the vegan industry.

      • Thanks so much for your reply:). I hope you guys do make it back up here. I already miss you guys and I just ran out of sausages last month! 🙂 what’s a girl to do, right?

        I have my fingers and toes crossed.

    • Hi Stef, I think there’s some confusion about how cosmetics and other products are tested on animals. They don’t put lipstick all over bunnies. They take the individual ingredients that the lipstick is made of, all the little “chemical” ones, and do things like pouring it into the eyes of small animals like bunnies and rats (I have ratties living with me. They are sweet and gentle animals just like bunnies) until their eyes are completely burned through. The animals are bred, caged, put through agony, and discarded. Animals don’t get the product put on them, they are tested on for the toxic levels of the ingredients, until their organs are severely damaged, are given cancer, etc. So even if a product says “final/finished product not tested on animals”, the company probably had the individual ingredients tested on them elsewhere.

      It’s sad when people think it’s funny when I tell them that condoms are tested on animals (the non-vegan ones, which are most of them). They envision condoms being put on animals. It’s not funny, it’s the ingredients in the lubricant which are forced on animals until they die or their organs are damaged (and then the animals are killed at the end of the study, regardless), to test how toxic they are.

      Sorry. 🙁

      Happy that Field Roast is coming back soon. 🙂

  10. Hello All! Hello Field Roast!

    I nearly had a heart attack when I went to Price Smart to load up on some nutritious patties and slices and such, and they told me they no longer carried Field Roast! NO!

    Anyways, I wrote Health Canada, and thank the person who provided the link. I am pasting the letter I wrote, and if any of you want to use any part of it and write Health Canada, please do so! Here it is:


    Happy New Year to you and all staff.

    I would just like to say that I am beyond disappointed with health Canada for the regulations imposed regarding vegetarian protein premade foods. It is highly illogical to impose that an imitation ‘meat’ be pumped with various chemicals and preservatives in order to be considered acceptable for the public. Field Roast products are all natural. They are lentil and vegetable cutlets that are delicious and nutritious. Just because they are formed in a cylindrical shape that will fit in a bun does not mean that they are fake meat. Lentil and vegetable patties have been part of the world’s diet thousands of years longer than any meat burger or meat dog. Do you regulate lentil patties and samosas and falafel, that they must be filled with preservatives and chemicals?

    Health Canada’s motive in this regard is completely transparent to vegetarians and non vegetarians alike as a ploy to keep the general public away from delicious and healthy alternatives to supporting the meat industry.

    The vegetarian community in Canada is growing rapidly every day, and most of us are huge Field Roast fans. Now, instead of supporting Canadian economy and buying into substandard over sodiumed chemical products like Yves from within our own borders, we prefer to opt purchasing our products en masse across the border. I am not a fan of supporting any economy other than Canada’s, but in this case, I do it gladly, as the USA, who is general perceived as less intelligent in the ways of diet and health, is ahead of us in this regard.

    Shame on you, Health Canada – no offense to the employee reading this who is just trying to keep decent employment and whose hands are probably tied.

    You do our great green natural free country a great disservice by enforcing these rules on a fabulous product that our leaders should be proud to carry. Take a lesson from Europe. Get with it. The world is changing. This subtle/hidden control regime can’t last forever, and I pray to God it doesn’t. If you can’t use the logical path of goodness mindset, I’m sure you can find some way to make a buck on the greed path whilst giving us what is best for us. Do you not want your citizens to be happy and healthy? Seems not.

    Please support Field Roast and change these regulations! PLEASE!


  11. I just found out this sad news as I was trying to get my “roast” for Christmas and could only find SOY product everywhere. Blech. I am very disappointed in our government’s antiquated requirements and applaud you for sticking to your guns. I’ll stock up on Field Roast each time I come to the USA for now. In the meantime, I have written the CFIA expressing my concerns (not sure how much good that will do!)

  12. Its sad news that Canada actually requires animal testing on a Vegan food. I’m proud of you for sticking to your morals and ideals! Maybe one day they will allow your products without compromising your ethics.

  13. I’m so sorry for our lame regulators. I love your product and appreciate whatever you can do to get it back here! I especially want to try your chao slices! I think someone needs to watch Forks over Knives or read the China Study regarding meat as the superior protein! Hugs

  14. I really hope you guys can come back to Canada soon. I CAN’T GO BACK TO TOFURKEY AT HOLIDAYS. I just can’t!! Field Roast was my saviour!

  15. So nice to see ethics and corporate responsibility alive and well! Thank you from the bottom of my soul (and the hearts & souls of the animals) for your stance. I’m sure it will all get figured out. May you and yours prosper!

  16. As Canadian animal-abolitionists, we were floored to find out how our government has set up the system against compassionate eating in favour of the livestock industry. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is one of the most useless government agencies in Canada (we know from direct personal experience – another story)! That act looks like it was written in the back room of the Canadian Meat Council lobby. We have loved your products for many years now, but we would suggest that you abandon all sales to Canada as long as the CFIA insists on having live animal tests just to find out some pointless information, and on forcing you to make alterations to your products. Next thing you know the CFIA will be forcing all Canadians to buy gravy if they want to purchase potatoes. I’m sure that the Canadian market is tiny compared to the US market or even the European one, for that matter. Any sincere vegan would completely understand your company not participating in these repugnant requirements. Also, many Canadians do cross boarder shopping, so if they really need to have your products, they can go that route. This makes my blood boil! The CFIA “Food and Drug Regulations” is a complete joke from a health perspective, as well.

    The following link makes it clear why we have such stupid restrictions:

  17. I’m neither vegetarian nor vegan, although my daughter is vegetarian. For special family dinners we’ve incorporated Field Roast roast and sausages, and since developing sensitive breasts in relation to soy products, I’ve come to truly enjoy the “non soy” Field Roast products on a regular basis. Over the recent Canadian Thanksgiving I searched for a roast and/or sausages and could find none … I thought I lived in a hick town (I do) however my now out-of-town daughter informed me of the Field Roast situation. To test vegan products on animals doesn’t make sense to me … but then I’m not the Canadian government? The nutritional values are listed on the packaging and I presume since they were “allowed” to be sold in Canadian stores for some time, they meet other Canadian food regulations? I’m having trouble wrapping my head around products that “look” like something omnivores would consume can be pulled from the shelves simply because they don’t equate to the same protein value as animal flesh? What happened to eating wisely … omnivore, vegetarian or vegan … or anything in between? In short … I am VERY disappointed that I am unable to buy Field Roast products!!! I genuinely hope that the Canadian government … in whatever capacity they oversee this tragedy … finds a way to supply their minions with the non-meat products they desire and LOVE! And just who started this “war”… meat or soy lovers?

  18. Love your products and look forward to seeing you back on the market. We purchased your products because of their content (no additives and recognizable ingredients).
    You have my full support! Hang in there!

  19. Absolutely barbaric and disgusting. So tired of corporations, regulators and a small portion of the population determining what you can and can’t eat. THIS IS CONSIDERED UNAPPROVED AND MCDONALDS IS SAFE?!?!? Generations below us (assuming we last that long) are going to look back on this and laugh at how backwards our systems are. Your beloved fans will continue to support you and fight for our right to chemical, meat free products. The people can’t be ignored forever!

    Thank you for supplying us with such delicious vegan products. I know those of us close to the boarder will continue to purchase your products. We will be heard and we will win!

  20. This is very unfortunate and I hope to see you back in Canada soon. As a Vegan with soy allergies, Fields is the only company that makes “meat alternatives” that I safely eat (and love).

  21. Ridiculous, but not surprising… I’ve worked in product development for dairy alternative beverages (Almond, soy, rice based) and similar regulations exist. The company I worked for had to fortify with vitamins/minerals as well as protein to meet the dairy standard. These regulations are a bit more recent (only 20 years old), but still rather archaic. The consumer has an ingredient panel as well as the nutrition facts table to inform themselves on what they are consuming. All retailer that I have seen in Canada sell Field Roast adjacent to the produce section with the other meat analogues.

  22. Here’s what I wrote to the CFIA:

    I was disheartened to learn that you have recently prevented the Field Roast Grain Meat Co. from exporting its vegan mock meats to Canada. It would seem as though your requirements for mock meats, dating from 1981, are a little out dated. They seem to have no problem meeting American requirements for sale in that country, which, by the way, have been updated in the last 30 years, so what makes Canadian consumers so different? Why must the vegan version be judged against an animal product for protein and vitamin and mineral content? Do you assume that Canadians are so foolhardy as to not understand that veggie ‘meat’ is not the same thing as cow meat or pig meat? Are various meats held to the same standard? Does goat meat and kangaroo meat have to contain the same or equal amounts of protein as cow meat and pig meat? Maybe it’s time to update the requirements for vegetarian meat alternatives, as I don’t imagine there was much on the market in 1981 when these tests were devised.

    Mark R

  23. 1-800-442-2342 Press 7 after selecting English or French and leave a formal complaint.

    I just did. Demand they call you back as well make them answer to your concerns.

  24. I wrote the following email directly to the CFIA in response to finding out about their actions concerning Field Roast products; “Field Roast products are vegan. It states so on their packaging. You’re requiring them to test on animals would, in effect, nullify this. Vegans, do all in their power to, cause as little harm and suffering to other sentient species. Vegans do not use animal products, or products tested on animals, if it can at all, be avoided. A product tested on animals is NOT a vegan product. Good vegan products aren’t easy to find. Field Roast is one of the best. Please resolve this matter quickly, without further harm to animals.”

  25. Is there any petition to sign out anyone we can contact in our government to try and get this ruling changed?

    It’s absolutely ridiculous that they want you to supplement the product to match meat, when there are so many studies showing how unhealthy processed meat is!! This is a healthy alternative to meat and so they shouldn’t require you to start adding all sorts of additives. Just ridiculous.

  26. Why not take the ‘meat substitute’ off the label for Canada and just label it Plant Based Food or something. These bureaucrats around the planet are owned by the meat/dairy industry and seem as corrupt in Canada (or just uninformed) as they are in the USA.

  27. I guess I stocked up right before this happened as this is the first I’ve heard! Luckily I go to the US quite often, so I can stock up there if need be.. But I’ll be contacting my MP about this!! I need my apple sage sausages!!!

  28. I think we have to get political about this, and start calling our members of parliament! Also, Field Roast should probably start collecting signatures/petitions that could go into health food stores and grocery stores where the products are normally sold. I’d also suggest contacting groups, such as the National Capital Vegetarian Association, and the Montreal Vegan Fest to get political pressure to make these health promoting products available to the public once again.
    Heck, this isn’t going to cause a protein deficiency. The PER is based on outdated science. CFIA is really late in catching up (if they ever will [eye roll]).

  29. Truth will prevail! It is unfortunate, but hang tight—this is a miracle in action! Everything is in divine order. Field Roast could have handled this in a poor way, and chose not to. Now, our task is to strengthen our vegan community and bring awareness about food politics! It’s On!

  30. Field Roast makes grain meat, which exists on its own merit, without needing to be compared with animal meat in order to have value. Expecting a humane company to test on animals in order to prove that its product is enough like a carcass to please the carnists in charge is an injustice. If they think that only animal meat is real meat, they need to study etymology. “Meat” originally referred to any solid food, to distinguish it from drink. The eaters of animal flesh should not be the only ones who get to decide what it means now.

  31. Oh gosh! This is so sad to read =-( I only recently discovered your products (I just bought some more today!) and am so utterly disappointed to learn just how little support there is for those trying to pursue and facilitate healthy vegan diets. Wow… just, wow =-( I hope there will be a way for you to return to your values and vision. Thank you so much for your efforts.

  32. They don’t mind putting ingredients in our food with deceiving names. Why aren’t they labelling pig fat in breads or baby cow stomach in cheeses.. Fed up

  33. Nothing compares to Field Roast products! The little roast style ones knock the competition out of the ballpark and the sausages are amazing. The CFIA is as biased as the general flesh-eating population – sometimes you just cannot get the message “non-animal protein” through.

  34. It is VERY important that those who are sympathetic to Field Roast’s cause send an e-mail to the CFIA using their feedback form (, Tweet at them at @CFIA_Food or go to their Facebook page and send them a message (They’ve disabled posting to their page but you can post on stories) at If you don’t speak up they’ll never get it through their thick heads!

    • Thank you so much for providing these links! I wrote them today! Everyone, WRITE WRITE CALL CALL WRITE WRITE CALL CALL! They’ve used technology to distract us and make us tired so we don’t push. Don’t succumb!

  35. “we would need to add chemical supplements and vitamins to our product to meet these regulations” Field Roast is the only fake “meat” I will eat because, unlike the other brands” you use real food ingredients without chemicals. Canada is wrong about this and I hope they change the rules. Do not change how you make the food.

  36. I work for the London Food Co-op and hope we don’t have to stop selling them. Of all of our vegan products, these are our biggest sellers. Keep up the great work!!! Government bureaucracy makes no sense sometimes.

  37. Why do these need to be classified as simulated meat products. Just because they may seem the same in some form, they do not have to be compared to meat. Short sighted government bureaucracy.

  38. Just craziness! The damn Canadian government has to stick it’s nose in everything! Yet it is legal to sell hot dogs! Unbelievable! I love your unique tasting products and I don’t like them cause they look like a sausage made of meat, as I’ve never even eaten a sausage (even before I was vegetarian or vegan). Might have to smuggle some back over the border when I head to Veg Fest in Portland OR in 10 days! Looks like quite a few packages of the sausage type Field Roast still on the shelves in Victoria BC and I’ve bought some and put in the freezer. Would love to find the special roast we had at Christmas last year, so hope it’s out in Portland for me to bring back!

  39. I absolutely love Field Roast and didn’t realize this was occurring! I rave about your products to everyone!! So bummed that this is happening. You are my go to meat alternative. I hope this gets cleared up very soon.

  40. Field Roast is a Huge part of Bamboo Natural Food Market
    And we want to ask (don’t know anything about Health)
    Health Canada! How is it that Field Roast
    Is ok for the 317million people in the USA
    but it’s NOT ok for the 35million
    People in Canada??

  41. Sounds like someone from CFIA got a nice steak dinner with someone from the Alberta Beef lobby! Hope it was good! Hard to know who’s the real parasite in this equation.

    Shall we take this to social media? I have a feeling that most reasonable Canadians would agree with my right to eat vegetarian sausages.

  42. I guess I better buy a case of everything if I can LOL! Don’t leave us! I can’t live without your delectable deliciousness!!!!!!!!! </3

  43. I really hope you can find a way around, a solution or compromise in order to continue distribution. My family and I love your products and cook with them every week! They are the best vegan/ veg alternative I’ve come across in years. My father, who is an avid meat lover, loves them! Please, please please continue your Canadian distribution, y’all are the best!

  44. We LOVE your amazing vegan products and can’t believe this turn of events. Here’s hoping for a quick and favorable resolution for you and those of us who enjoy Field Roast north of the boarder. Thank you!!!

  45. We hope you can find a solution without compromise. I’m hoping I can wait it out with the 6kg of Field Roast products I bought when I heard the news!

  46. This is the first I’ve heard of this. As a longtime vegetarian and now vegan for almost four years, I absolutely love your products. I’m so disappointed in our so-called Canadian Food ‘Inspection’ Agency. You make real food that I can enjoy without a guilty conscience. It seems we are being repressed by the factory farmers and big ag. 🙁


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