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10 years of making Field Roast; Lam Ngot


Recently we honored our founding production employee Lam Ngot for working at Field Roast for more than 10 years.

Lam has fundamentally influenced the efficiency, friendliness and harmony of our production environment.  It’s always been really important to me to work in a place of beauty and peace.  Every day we come to work and repeat many of the tasks from the day before; mixing our dough, dipping our loaves, cutting vegetables and slicing our meats.  All of these tasks; listed along side each other can seem complex and random – how do they all fit together.  Lam has helped put them in order.
Lam grew up in rural Vietnam and started to work at an early age.  Being the caretaker of her younger siblings while her parents worked, Lam has been taking care of her families for many years.  We have been lucky at Field Roast to become a part of her family.  She takes good care of us.
She came to America in 1992 and recently gained US citizenship status.  She is the proud mother of four children and the wife of Tung.  She is also an excellent cook.  In fact, in her “days off” she works in one of the finest Vietnamese vegetarian resturants in Seattle, Moonlight Cafe.  
To celebrate her 10 year anniversary Lam made lunch for all 25 of us !!!!  Spring rolls, tofu, vegetables, rice….so tasty!  My favorite food that Lam makes is a fried tofu dish she makes and a simmered squash in broth – I guess that’s two.
Lam is our slicing specialist – operates the slicer that makes our deli slices and cuts the cutlets we make.  She can label faster than anyone and often brings offerings of food to our company altar; biscuits, mangos and cups of tea.
Thanks Lam, for everything you have done for us at Field Roast.  My hope for you is that some day you can simply relax a bit more and listen to the birds sing.

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