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Sacred Cows Dream of Field Roast


I’ve been thinking of cows recently. Sruti Mohandas, a 23 year old student from Madras, India is staying with us for the summer. Last night we were discussing how Hindus in India view cows as sacred. I think that is so terrifically cool. What a proud consciousness hath come from India!

Have you ever looked into the eyes of a cow? They are so lovely, peaceful and compassionate. It’s ironic that such an untroubled, serene animal has been subjected to such violence and furry.
I was reading some vegan blogs the other day….one with a title “Cheese; The Slayer of Vegans”, which is so true. Many of us with European origins crave cheese to the extent that we park our compassion at the curb when confronted with a creamy slice of pizza.
So…what if your milk came from a cow that wasn’t slaughtered after it’s milk giving days were over….allowed to live out it’s days in peace and tranquility?

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