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So here at the Field Roast Grain Meat Company we are going through some growing pains. I think that the most affected members of our team are the computers and our bohemeth of a printer. Between the 2 thousand sheets of labels I print each week, along with the marketing materials, the invoices and UPS labels, Betty is getting a little testy. Today her thing is to say that her output tray is overfull and she stops printing until I trip the little piece that “accurately” reads when the tray is full of completed printed materials…Last week she was picky about the exact measurement of the piece of paper that she was to print on…and here and there she will print out about 20 sheets of random jibberish for no apparent reason, I believe it is code for “All words and no play make Betty a dull girl…” I will continue to sing her praises, we are at her mercy after all!

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