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As posted below, I recently had the pleasure of attending a three day intensive course in all things HAACP. For those uninitiated, HAACP was created as a preventative group of procedures intended to minimize as much as possible the occurances of hazardous chemicals, pathogens, etc. in food products. The class was geared mainly towards seafood producers, but excluding a few obtuse (to me) fish references and examples it was pretty straight-forward, and HAACP plans work the same no matter what a person happens to be making.

After becoming officially HAACP certified and finishing the class I brought my new-found knowledge back to HQ and am proud to say that David, Malcolm and my HAACP plan and revamped sanitation procedures are on their way to being finished and implemented on the production floor. Because Field Roast is already such a low-risk food our HAACP plan is a bit more concise than that of, for example, a fish processor or dairy plant, so hopefully we will soon have the already fine-tuned machine that is production running even smoother.

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