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I had to go to Denver last week as we are getting ready to work with United Natural Foods. UNFI is a national natural food distributor that is broken up into regions. We recently “got picked up” by UNFI West (formally known as Mountain Peoples Warehouse) and now UNFI Denver. We are jazzed because a lot people have been bugging us for a long time to work with UNFI. It seems like most stores do business with them…..so anyway…onward to Denver……

Here is the picture of the delicious product I brought with me, replete with TSA tape. They always like to take a look at what I’m bringing to town. I brought mostly sausages but also ‘BRANG’ some Chao Cheese and White Truffle Pate….CR = Celebration Roast.

I had meetings with BIG customers and many little stores. I camped at the Cherry Creek Campground with was wedged in between super highways in South Denver. It’s not what you’d call a naturalists type of campground but it sufficed. The highlights were the Nile Virus, which, while sounding exotic kinda freaked me out a bit as i had a previous run-in with a little tick while camping in North Boston this summer giving me some LymeFun….!!!! The price of camping…and oh not to have to stay at some hotel in a strip mall, going “home” each evening to star at the ceiling, listen to the air conditioner, etc. I have a little suitcase that contains everything I need; a small tent, pad, sleeping bag, etc. It’s a cool way to go…..I’d always prefer it…the only downgrade is refrigeration for sample product (usually stored a nearby customers store)….i bring earplugs to deal with loud campers and highways. The campgrounds always have showers and no…I don’t have campfires or do any cooking. This trip, as most, I enjoyed the Whole Foods salad bar for my main meal…and then a little soup for dinner at Panera, while using their wifi…

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