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Whole Foods Boulder is a rock’in store. Their deli is huge and filled with delicious veggie foods. I was walking around the deli area and ran into an old friend, Tenzin Mclain.

I first met Tenzin many years ago (9?) when he was working the deli at the Whole Foods San Rafael store.

In all the years that I’ve worked in the food biz, I’ve had the priviledge to meet some really special people. People who devote themselves to the food business for the love of it, the food of it, the meaning of it….I think Tenzin and I are in the same tribe?

Every time I’ve met Tenzin he is always smiling and is calm amidst the hussle and bussle around him. The last time I saw him was in San Rafael probably 3-4 years ago…..we were talking he must of though I was stressed out cuz he pulled a tincture bottle out of pocket and asked me if I wanted some kava…..which he promptly squirted into my mouth…I felt calmer…..

Legend has it that Tenzin was the chef for illustrious and musically wonderful people who became quite popular playing guitar and singing songs….

Nowadays it’s the dharma (our practice) that hopefully calms both of us…

Here’s to you Tenzin…it’s an honor and priviledge.

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