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Field Roast sausage maker, Cary Davis just got back from NYC for a week of leisure…and today went off to NOAA (National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration) today to get some education regarding HACCP. He is going be sitting with some seafood people to learn the famous 7 principles and how to apply them to our production plant in Georgetown Seattle. It’s a 3 day class. Afterwords, he is going to teach Malcolm and I about the info and we are going to implement a “HACCP” Plan in our production facility.

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control – and it’s all about safe food manufactering, mostly designed for animal foods but can be used for anything. Often larger customers want to review your HACCP plan before becoming your customer. We currently log all of our ingredients that go into our batches, cooking times, batch numbers and outgoing shipments….but this will promise to be more food fun…paperwork and protection.

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