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A Week of Making Field Roast – Day One


Our Weekly Production Schedule for the Week of February 7th, 2010

Sunday February 7, 2010
Today is the first day of our production week. Production always begins on Sunday with our mix/cook crew coming to mix Field Roast, form it and cook it to perfection.
This week we are beginning with a whole bunch of deli slices. Take a look at the schedule above. The left side you will see “Cook” and “Label”. Our production process is divided up into two sections:
1. Mix and Cook room – where we mix our batches of Field Roast, form them into sausages, roasts and deli slices and finally cook them.  2. Label Room – is were we slice, package and label Field Roast.  Usually…what we mix and cook on one day, we label the next, but not always.
Our building in Seattle is on a hill and has two floors. Our mix/cook area is on the upper level and our label room is down below. Our building is an old dairy that we converted a few years ago. People have been making food in our building for almost a 100 years. We think that’s pretty cool!

Today we had only three people come in to make our deli slices. Deli slices are one of the most simple Field Roast recipes to make; we mix our dough using a simple spiral mixer (see future postings this week to check out some pics), place it into a fibrous (paper) casing using our sausage linker. The picture to the left is looking across our forming table to our sausage link and mixing stage. This is our Smoked Tomato Deli slices recipe being placed into casings. From here we will clip and hang the “logs” of Field Roast dough onto a cart and the roll it into our steam ovens for cooking.
The pics to the left are of our forming table, clipping the logs of dough and the cart of logs after cooking. Our steam oven is to the right of the rack.

These next pics are of racks of Field Roast delis…cooling down for tomorrows slicing and labeling and of a rack
tag, signifying the flavor: Wild Mushroom Deli, the Code: 10 for the year and 038 for the number of days in the year..this is called a Julian code and is a basic format for all types of manufacturing. The Batch is 2.2 which is the oven that it was made in and 135 time: is 2.00 which means that we are tracking how fast our products cool…and that it was at 135 degrees at 2pm.
Tomorrow we will look at slicing and labeling all the deli’s we made today and making some sausages up in the cook room.

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