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Children Vote with Their Mouths – WE LOVE FIELD ROAST


America’s children have spoken! It’s voting day in Seattle so it’s appropriate to take a moment and tally up the votes……and winner is….Field Roast.

We received a notice earlier this week that our local chain of natural food cooperatives PCC have named two more of our products as “kid friendly”. A few years ago our Smoked Apple Sage Sausages were voted as kid friendly. Now our Hazelnut Herb Cutlets and our Stuffed Celebration Roast have also made the grade. Only kids can vote. This is how it works:

Since the program began in March 2004, Kid Picks tests have been conducted in 379 venues, including PCC stores, community centers and events, and public and private schools. 3,214 products have been tested by over 23,000 kid “judges” who vote “like” or “don’t like.” 1,873, or 58%, of the products have passed. Each product is tested by a minimum of 30 kids and is designated as a Kid Pick if it can be statistically determined that at least two-thirds of any group of kids trying it will like it.

The approved products are flagged in our stores with Kid Picks tags and listed on the PCCWeb site at

Kids, parents and educators really enjoy Kid Picks events. Through promotion and word-of-mouth, the events have become very popular. Schools focusing on improving school lunch programs and in complying with new snack food policies appreciate “test driving” food options, and often use Kid Picks events as opportunities to talk to students and parents about healthy food choices, as well as the importance of voting and making their opinions count. The program does not collect information as to why a product is liked or not, but the process is closely supervised by PCC staff to be sure the opinions of the judges are not influenced by parents or other kids. Parents often take printed reminders of products their kids like with them, which we prepare for each Kid Picks event.


Thanks for everyone at PCC for thinking of the kids and for submitting our veggie meats for consideration. I love the fact that kids like our foods! It makes our work satisfying.

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